Sex/Life – Season 1 Episode 2 “Down in the Tube” Recap & Review

Down in the Tube

Episode 2 of Sex/Life Season 1 begins with Billie heading back home. Only, she runs into problems when her boobs begin leaking. Sasha catches up with her though and admits that she’s been casually sleeping with Brad. Given it’s been 8 years since Billie was with him, Sasha is understandably confused by her reaction.

Anyway, in all of this no one has given a thought for the kids. Hudson rings and admits he misses Billie, prompting his Mum to hold back tears and hurry back home again.

En-route, we see more flashbacks. These ones occur a month after the break-up with Brad. It’s the rebound effect right? Cooper is lost and asks Billie for help. He works as an investment banker but needs to find Hamilton Hall. She’s the one who instigates the flirting first but he also came over just so he could come up with an excuse to talk to her. She agrees to walk with him over to the building.

They eventually head out and start dating where red flag number 1 appears. The show unironically shows off this whirlwind romance but when asked about Brad Billie bends the truth, brushing over the details and bouncing the attention back over to Cooper. In regards to her memories, Billie decides to “put them in a box”. As the days went by, she decided against ruining their romance and opening up about her past.

The truth is, Brad is not just a “bad boy” romantic. He’s also incredibly reckless as we see from a later flashback where he almost gets her hit by a train

Back home, Cooper returns from work. Ellary is down for a nap while Cooper has gone all-out to try and win Billie over. He hands over a brand new dress and declares that he’s taking her out. Dressed up, Hudson calls her a princess as the pair prepare for their date night.

Heading out together, Billie wants to talk about her journal but instead, he changes the subject and focuses on them having fun. Cooper encourages her to start dancing together. It’s not his cup of tea but he does everything he can to make it the perfect evening for her.

Just to add more spice into their romance, they head over to a random mansion and start making love in the pool. The only trouble is, the man happens to be one of Cooper’s clients. Woops! They also manage to evade the police too.

Everything looks peachy but deep down Cooper is still torn by what he’s read about his wife. In fact, he reels over it and ends up vomiting in the toilet back home.

While he’s in the bathroom, Brad rings Billie and tells her he’s been thinking of her for the past 8 years. She eventually hangs up on him but it’s clear this isn’t over. In fact, when he messages “liar” it only exacerbates the issue.

The Episode Review

The perfect marriage, the perfect gentleman and the perfect life. What could go wrong? A midlife crisis, that’s what. At least, that’s how it seems to me anyway.

Why would you give up Cooper and this life for Brad? Sure, Brad may almost kill you at a train station and seemingly sleep with anything that moves but that same passion and romance she’s clearly experienced with Cooper – albeit in smaller bursts.

As a 32 year old divorced man I do understand I’m not the target market here but cheating – in any way, shape or form – is unacceptable from either sex and I do hope this show doesn’t try championing that as some form of sexy and acceptable trait.

Beyond the “will she/won’t she” cheating, there’s not a lot else to this show. This is definitely a love/hate series but it’s one that will attract a large 50 Shades Of Grey audience. If that’s your jam then great but beyond that, there’s absolutely nothing else to note here.

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