Sex/Life – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Wives Are In Connecticut” Recap & Review

50 Shades Of Don’t. Just Don’t.

Episode 1 of Sex/Life season 1 begins with a look at Billie and her idyllic life. She lives in a big house and has two kids, including her cute eldest son called Hudson. She also has a handsome husband in Cooper. It’s the perfect life, right? Well, Billie is itching for more. Cooper offers stability and sanity but Billie wants some excitement and passion in her life.

With two kids and an enthralling ball game on TV, that’s easier said than done. As Billie looks after her baby, she fantasizes about the past. In doing so, she completely forgets to kiss Hudson goodnight.

After putting the kids down, she eventually phones her friend Sasha, who’s the embodiment of everything she used to be. Sasha refuses to settle down and continues to live the high life. Back in the day they were roommates together in college, which explains Billie’s previous wild-child attitude.

Billie now feels like “a watered-down wife-Mom version” of herself. She’s not sure this is who she wants to be and has spent a lot of time thinking about her ex, Brad.

Brad is a bad boy and back in the past came to Billie’s aid like a knight in shining armour. After saving her from a homeless man, he gave her a ride home. He owns a record label but as they get talking, the pair eventually decide on a nightcap at Brad’s place. This lavish, swanky apartment has a stage, minimalist design and lots and lots of empty space.

The pièce de résistance is the view from the rooftop, complete with a swimming pool and neon lights. Unfortunately this vivid image – and night – hangs over Billie as she writes on her laptop that she misses Brad “so.damn.much.” Well, I think this lady is having a “”

Anyway, Billie does end up sleeping with Cooper again but its a violent affair, especially after he’s read her journal. It leaves Billie conflicted over what to do. She leaves her kids with her Nanny, Olga, and jumps aboard a train. She heads straight over to Sasha’s place and decides on a drink to calm her nerves. Only, it turns out Brad is actually in the house.

The Episode Review

The key to any marriage is communication. Now, I’m not one to give advice here but it’s definitely important. My own marriage lasted 3 months before me and my ex got divorced. However, the fact that Billie wants more passion from Cooper means one thing – she needs to talk to him and explain how she’s feeling.

Fantasizing about her ex and contemplating whether to cheat is absolutely not the right move. I get the feeling of confliction and being stuck in a loveless and passionless relationship, but this show just portrays Billie as a bored, horny mom going through a midlife crisis. Cheating is not the answer.

It almost always ends in tears and if this is the route Billie is going down, it’s hardly the saintly protagonist we can rally behind.

So far, it seems Cooper  is the ideal guy and shattering that entire dream for some pipedream guy who she banged a lot is not exactly filled with confidence and elation for Billie. Let’s hope she sees sense before this happens.

Either way, Sex/Life starts off this raunchy drama with a simple premise and a lot of sex scenes. It’s certainly not poorly made but a poor story being told is the real problem here.

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