Sexify – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Cheers! To Another Epic Failure

Episode 8 of Sexify season 2 starts with Natalia and Adam getting romantic and all touchy-touchy. However, smoke drives them out of their bed.

Natalia, Monika, and Paulina are still focusing on ruining the Warsaw Web Summit and getting back their Sexify company.

We are then taken to the studio where Young Juvenile is recording his song. He sees Monika and gets excited, only for her to tell him they’re breaking up. Beyond the breakup news, Monika also wants a favour from him as a  hip-hop star artist. She asks him to perform a concert with a few songs.  Young likes her, and he immediately accepts to grace the occasion.

Paulina is also busy asking her friends to download the app while preparing for the concert. It’s the same with Krynicki as he woos teens.

Natalia approaches Malgorzata, requesting her to give her work as a programmer. This is in a bid to access Sexify to stop the launch. But Malgorzata is a challenging prey. She agrees to let Natalia work from Sexify office but later changes her mind and takes her to the Deep Inside Yourself panel. However, Natalia’s contribution could be more extensive, so she excuses herself to attend to something meaningful.

Monika informs Maks that they’re going to stop Sexify launch, but shortly Natalia informs her she cannot access the office to integrate the apps. Jabba and Rafal are also worried that Natalia cannot access the office.

Maks tells Monika that Malgorzata’s aim is not about Sexify app but more about selling the data collected. She’s selling it to Vertigo Funding Group, which is a good deal. Paulina has to cancel the concert and borrow equipment. The group has to work fast to halt Malgorzata’s launch plans.

For Adam to attend the launch, he has to score three goals. Natalia is denied access to the launch, but Paulina picks her up. The plan to stop the launch is intensifying. The group plans their concert in the basement where Warsaw Web Summit is meant to happen.

They have access to the main frame, but Rafal has to give them access to the app. Malgorzata senses something is wrong and follows Rafal and Jabba, taking the laptop away. And as it happened back in the university, Rafal has been locked in again, denying him the opportunity to make his speech at the launch.

Monika uses Maks’ car to get to her father, who’s skiing. She feels he needs to slow down on his fun activities to save his company and maybe Sexify.

Malgorzata asks Maks to make the speech and goes straight to the stage. Her opening remarks are convincing to the investors and users. But before she continues further, Paulina and Natalia appear on the big screen in the main hall. The girls claim they’re launching the real Sexify and have a huge crowd. The app algorithm connects people of the same interest without being dishonest.

Since Rafal is locked in a room, Maks gives access to Natalia to launch the application. And true to their words, the app helps people connect with their soulmates based on percentage. The girls want Malgorzata to cooperate and work together, but she refuses. This leaves them  Plan B, which is to delete the app, which is already activated. Investors leave disappointed, and Maks resigns.

How Does Sexify Season 2 End?

In the basement, the part begins, charged up by Young Juvenile. Marek arrives and is ready to face off with his business rival, Malgorzata. He claims that at some point, Malgorzata tricked him, and she has no moral authority to take the girls to jail.

Marek also tells her that she won’t reactivate the app or sell data, and he’s ready for honest business rivalry. This is a battle between business bigwigs! And with no further option, Malgorzata has to agree with Marek’s terms and conditions.

The girls need a good farewell party for Sexify. Although their genius idea has evaporated, they’re happy they didn’t lose it to Malgorzata. Paulina jumps to the stage while Monika and Maks have a chit-chat in the middle of the crowd.

Natalia opts to go home and get some sleep. She finds Adam at home, they had agreed to end things but are on friendly terms. He talks about the launch and Natalia feels every Sexify launch has been a failure.  Adam sees that as an opportunity to start over. They relax to watch, and they have sex which leads to Natalia getting an epiphany.

The episode ends with Adam telling Natalia that she’s a genius. She wakes up ready for a new project!

The Episode Review

All along, I have been waiting to see a successful Sexify launch. It’s pretty disappointing that the season ends with the app getting deleted. The episode leaves viewers with an unanswered question of “what’s next?”

Although it did not end as expected, maybe if there is a continuation, we will see a project with a happy ending. I am also curious, are Natalia and Adam together again or what happened between them was just a spur-of-the-moment thing?

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