Sexify – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Research & Old Enemies

Episode 3 of Sexify season 2 starts with Natalia immersed in her computer, working on the algorithm of the men’s app. She’s generating questionnaires such as weaknesses, threats, and what turns men on, among others. Among the most searched porn categories, she thinks dirty talk might be what will turn on a man, and she’s planning to practice this with Adam.

Paulina has a couple of dates, and as she chucks off, she meets her father at the door. She feels his presence might interrupt her “busy” schedule. Monika is busy in her office when her father pops in. Mr Marek claims he’s ready to offer fatherly support to her daughter, for she’s now focused. In this case, “fatherly support” means financial support. To Marek, he feels Monika’s business trajectory is pegged on him. Amid their talk, Maks walks in, and Monika introduces him to her father as an advisor.

Adam and Natalia are going off for a picnic, and to her, this will be her first picnic. All she’d want is to have a dirty talk while out in the woods, probably to see Adam’s reaction.

Meanwhile, Monika in a bid to escape from talking with her dad, lies and leaves with Maks.  Maks takes her to a wake and Monika is not pleased. He tells her she’ll meet important people to network and strengthen their ties. At first, she thought they were going for a meeting only to be in a wake. At Pawel’s farewell, his friend gives him a heap of praise. To Monika, all this bunch of lies is irritating.

Although the place is a bit cliché, Paulina is set to meet her first date, Marcin. Marcin compliments Paulina for being authentic in her photos and real life. But to her, Marcin may not be what she’s looking for. She fakes a phone call from her mom to get away. She also has several other dates, including in the streets, the eatery, and the indoor play arena. Her final date for the day is in a restaurant with a guy, and they somehow click. They head to his place and have sex.

In the woods, Natalia and Adam start kissing but get interrupted by a young group of scouts informing them they’re at the Uhlans’ grave. They have to move their picnic place and try to focus on each other. Adam claims it’s cold, and they should go back. Adam is curious about what Natalia is currently working on and she answers vaguely . She doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea and get insecure especially since he is having trouble getting an erection.

Paulina’s erotic moment reminds her of Mariusz. Well, not satisfactory as she anticipated. She asks the guy if he would like to improve on anything. He clicks on his phone and tells her to give him five minutes. Paulina snoops on his phone and finds an app called Sexiguy, similar to Sexify.

Monika cannot withstand being at the clown’s party, so they must leave. Outside, they meet with Jarek, claiming that Maks is running a great startup, Sexify. Monika is infuriated to hear that Maks claims to be the one behind this idea.

Natalia and Monika are informed about the Sexiguy app. By all means, they must find these guys lest their app overtakes Sexify. Being a dedicated computer science student, Natalia burns the midnight oil to find them, and finally, she gets the address.

Paulina is getting along with Lilith and enjoys a short moment of romance. She likes it, and she thinks she can be a lesbian. As Paulina scrolls through her Tinder account, she finds her dad Zygmunt, 55, on the app. He claims not to be cheating on her mother. On the contrary, it’s Paulina’s mom who has been cheating.

Monika insists they go to the said address to uncover the guys who stole their Sexify idea. When they get there, they are utterly shocked to find Rafal is behind the Sexiguy app!

The Episode Review

I think Rafal is on a revenge mission since the three girls made him miss the university competition. Creating a male-sex app and improving on it even without finances and PR should scare the girls.

But I think Monika, Paulina, and Natalia will find a way to navigate the issue, as they have done before.

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