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Going into Sex, Explained I had one big question on my mind while digesting the five bite-sized episodes – who is this for? Given the wealth of content on the internet right now, Sex, Explained attempts to break down five of the more pressing questions in the realm of intimacy, ranging from attraction and fantasies through to birth control and childbirth. Rated as mature, Sex, Explained is a reasonably informative and educational march through different sexual topics but is certainly not something you’d want to watch outside the comfort of your own home.

While Netflix encourages that you can watch this in any order, Sex, Explained actually works reasonably well as a straight forward watch, beginning with sexual fantasies and attraction and working its way up to fertility, childbirth and birth control. The opening few episodes clock in at a little under 15 minutes before advancing to more in-depth discussions late on, ending with a 25 minute episode on childbirth.

Combining archival footage and simple, stock graphics depicting graphs, facts and figures, the show does a pretty good job serving as a spin-off to 2018’s Explained series although at times it is a little simplistic with its ideas. The Attraction episode uses animals as an example for why humans find mates for fertility purposes, yet brushing over the fact that some animals have been recorded engaging in masterbation, homosexuality and sex for pleasure. Another episode bizarrely uses a clip from Westworld to depict sexual fantasies of rape.

As a basic introduction to these topics though, Sex, Explained is actually quite educational, especially when it comes to asking questions like why so many people struggle to conceive or breaking down the history of BDSM to the cultural movement in the 70’s. All of this combines archival footage from shows, news segments and different explicit videos with face to face interviews in a compelling manner. Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that this does have a fair amount of kinky material and nudity so it’s probably wise not to watch this on public transport or out the comfort of your home.

Sex, Explained is an interesting series but if you’re interested about these topics, there are a lot of in-depth articles online that break down these ideas in more detail. As an introduction, the show does well to do just that but I can’t help but feel the mature rating actually feels a little alienating. I was hoping Sex, Explained would serve as an introductory guide for curious teens and those just starting puberty, given how poor sex education is in schools, but the heavy material may not be right for that age group. Without sounding too crude, those with experience on these topics or have had kids will not get a lot from this.

It’s not the best documentary on the topic, but it’s good enough to recommend watching and the bite-size episodes make this a breeze to sit through as well. If you’re the least bit curious on any these topics, Sex, Explained serves as a good starting point to dip into this taboo pool.


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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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