Sex Education Season 4 Review – A funny but educative and tear-jerking finale

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Look how the time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday that Netflix surprised us with a funny little British show titled Sex Education. Well, we are in the last leg of the series, a zeitgeist of young, horny teenagers trying to navigate this harsh world and figuring out their relationships, identity and life.

Sex Education Season 4, the final season follows the same old tried-and-tested formula of the successful show, hilarious and sexy, right from the bat. The jokes land, the slapstick physical comedy is funny but not implausible, the expressions are on point, the soundtrack is top-tier and the fashion is still retro but trendy British fashion. 

Sex Education Season 4 gives us the Moordale gang in a new setting as they all move to Cavendish College. Eric has a religious awakening while finding a new gang of friends who understand him. Otis tries to do long distance with Maeve who is in USA while trying to take down his competition, the college therapist, O. Cal struggles with the changes that come with taking testosterone while Jean and her baby Joy get a helping hand.

The Moordale students are an odd mix but work well together, their roles are well-defined and viewers know what to expect from them in season 4. All the questions from the season 3 finale are answered in the premiere itself before new storylines are given to the characters as the final season wastes no time in getting into the plot.

The first few episodes do a good job of establishing the new set-up, the new characters, their relationships with each other and their role in the finale. Eric’s new gang, Abbi, Aisha and Roman as well as O all add to the diversity and the drama. The actual conflict arises in episode 4 and things finally kick off. The initial fluff is welcome as once we get into the thick of it, it gets really messy and exciting for viewers but not so much for the characters living that drama.

However, since the Netflix Original is overall great, it makes us greedy for more as Sex Education does not get the completely perfect send-off it deserves. Sex Education Season 4 begins with a promising start but once viewers reach the penultimate episode, they realise that nothing has really happened in the overarching story.

Instead, the writers could have gone with a sitcom-like episodic structure as that is something season 4 does anyway with mini plots for each instalment such as the funeral episode, the fundraiser episode and so on. 

Maeve’s US storyline feels half-baked as well, making viewers wonder about the reason for the move. It cannot be filming issues as Emma Mackey who plays Maeve is around for most of season 4. If the writers seriously want Maeve out of Moordale, they need to write it better. Or give her a different plot as they clearly do not know how to write in two different locations. 

It especially hampers Dan Levy’s character who plays Molloy, Maeve’s teacher in her American college. In fact, Molloy is unnecessary with his 5-minute screen time and messy execution. He is used as a prop to give Maeve’s story some conflict in season 4 which she anyway has enough of.

But he does have great potential as a pseudo-intellectual who is actually a scam artist and possibly plagiarises his students’ drafts, oh, that’s a great story right there. Well, if fans ever get a spin-off on Maeve and Molloy, everyone knows Dan Levy is the right man for the job. 

But if we don’t look at the script and structural flaws, the casual experience of watching Sex Education Season 4 is still a joyous one. Viewers will laugh and cry with the characters while learning much about themes like identity, depression, intimacy issues, asexuality, community and more. In the end, we get a standard Sex Education ending, a funny but educative finale about important topics discussed via comedy.

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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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