Sex Education – Season 4 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Fundraiser

Episode 8 of Sex Education Season 4 begins with Abbi setting the carpet on fire so she doesn’t have to have sex with Roman. O makes an apology video while Ruby scoffs. Maeve texts Otis that it is better if they don’t talk as she reaches USA. As for Eric, he gets ready for his baptism. Cal goes missing after struggling with their non-binary identity and their mother rushes to the school to search for them.

What happens with Jackson’s biological father?

Jackson approaches Jerome but the old man is rude and shuts the door on him. Jackson is upset and lashes out at his moms. Turns out, Roz had an affair with Jerome who was married. He avoided her when she got pregnant but she soon met Sofia and her life changed. She says no matter what, Jackson has always been wanted and loved by his mothers and they hug.

Does Jean resolve tensions with Joanna and Otis?

Jean tries to comfort Otis who has just broken up with Maeve. However, he ends up blaming her when he learns that Jean motivated Maeve to finish her course. Joanna pops by and stands up for her sister. Otis leaves and she meekly declares she’s just come to shower. Jean gives her the money no strings attached and tries to get her to stay but Joanna leaves. 

On realising that she can be a mom and also want a career, Jean rushes to Celia who is about to replace her with a true crime host. Jean has a whole pitch about how she will host the show her way while bringing baby Joy with her. However, it is unnecessary as Celia is more than happy to have her back.

Jean’s first caller is Joanna who confesses that she was assaulted by their mom’s boyfriend when she was a kid. Since then, she has always been on the move, afraid to stop and think about it. Jean shares that she too finally accepted she has postnatal depression and says Joanna has taken the first step to getting help but she should also take the support of her loved ones.

Joanna decides not to leave and goes back to Jean. She also decides to try out a relationship with Dan. Otis who hears the radio show, comes home and apologises to Jean. He says he was scared he would be heartbroken but it is the right thing for Maeve. Jean helps him process the pain and he is proud that she is getting help as well for her depression.

Does Eric get baptised?

As Eric reaches the church, Pastor Samuel says that they cannot accept the fundraiser’s money as the community does not support the beliefs of Cavendish College. Eric is shocked and hurt. When it is his turn to get baptised, he states that he will not hide his truth. He is a proud gay man and he will only get baptised if the community will accept him. Only his mother sides with him and Eric sadly smiles and leaves.

He gets a text from Abbi that Cal is missing but at that minute, God steals his phone. He is angry and says baptism is not for him as his own community cannot accept him. God returns his phone and says that is why she made Eric bright so that he can shine on darkness and share that God loves all. As God leaves, he is stunned to realise that she has led him to Cal who is sitting at the edge of the cliff.

Later at the fundraiser, Pastor Samuel and the rest of the church show up. They tell Eric that they are ready to talk about his truth. He is happy and later he tells Otis that he wants to be a pastor.

Do they find Cal?

The fundraiser preparation is in full swing as Michael gets the food ready. Abbi and Roman are learning sign language and Aisha is touched. On seeing Cal’s mom panicking, they form a search team. Cal’s last known location is the mall and all of Cavendish head there. 

Otis gets a lead when a server recognises Cal’s photo. They head to the control centre to check the CCTV. The manager recognizes Ruby and agrees to help in exchange for a selfie. Ruby finds Cal dumping their bag in the trash and they head for the dumpster where they make Otis wade through the trash. Meanwhile, O finally apologises to Ruby. Otis finds Cal’s phone and they bring the police in.

Eric finds Cal and at the same time, so does Jackson. Cal feels unhappy and feels like the world isn’t meant for people like them. Eric and Jackson comfort them and reassure them that they are loved and that everyone is worried about them. They take Cal home and later Aisha reveals that the fundraiser will raise funds for Cal’s top surgery. Cal is thankful but is not ready to go to the fundraiser and see everyone. Cal lies in bed and their mother joins them as they hold hands.

What’s the deal with Abbi’s no-negative policy?

Roman tells Otis about Abbi setting his carpet on fire to avoid sex. Otis suggests that she may be feeling pressured and to be patient. While waiting for news, Abbi, Roman and Aisha get into a tiff as Abbi keeps controlling their negative reactions. Roman brings up the intimacy issues and Otis tries to stop him. 

However, O counsels them by saying it may be related. Abbi reveals that she has been rejected all her life, so she avoids negativity in hopes that her friends won’t leave her. O tells her that natural negative reactions are needed and Abbi brings up Roman’s weird moaning habit and Aisha’s nail-picking habit. She feels better as they finally talk through it freely. Later, that night Roman and Abbi finally have sex.

Does Viv break up with Beau?

Beau tries to talk to Viv who is with Aimee, Isaac and Jackson. He says he knows he is being possessive but they can work it out. Viv sends him away on the pretext of finding Cal. As they sit in the food court, they are annoyed to see Beau constantly texting Viv. She tries to rationalise his behaviour but her friends say that he is emotionally coercing and controlling. During the fundraiser, Beau approaches Viv again and she finally snaps. She tells him to leave her alone or she will go to the police.

Does Adam forgive Michael?

On hearing about Cal, Michael panics as he wonders what would happen if his son went missing. He rushes to the farm and tells Adam that he loves him. He apologises that he took out the anger he had about himself on his son. Adam suddenly asks if Michael would like to hug a horse. Michael is confused but asks if he can hug Adam. They hug till Jem interrupts and asks if Michael would like to join Adam’s class.

The class is fun as Michael is afraid but he finally starts getting the hang of riding the horse. Adam thanks Jem for everything and then confesses that his first love was a man and that he is bisexual. She asks him out on a date and he says yes.

Michael drops Adam at Maureen’s and is about to leave but Adam asks him to stay and watch TV. The trio sit together on the couch and Michael holds Maureen’s hand.

Does Aimee overcome her trauma?

Isaac and Aimee prepare the art auction for the fundraiser. He asks if they can kiss, however, she stops at the last minute and kisses his cheek. Later, she reveals that she has intimacy issues due to being assaulted.

She then has an epiphany as she wears the pants from the incident and heads to the bus stop. There, she takes photos of herself in the pants and later burns them and dances around the fire. During the fundraiser, she tells Isaac she is ready to move on. He is happy for her and they kiss.

Do Otis and Eric patch up?

While getting ready for the fundraiser, Otis shows up and apologises to Eric. He accepts that they have differences but he is ready to talk about them. They hug and declare they will always be best friends. Eric invites him to get ready with Abbi and the gang and Otis is more than happy. They dance around and dress up while trying to find the perfect outfit for Otis. After the gala, Otis crashes at Eric’s and they play video games all night.

What happens to the fundraiser?

Once Cal is found, Cavendish decides to host the fundraiser gala for their top surgery. The art auction is a success with Gloria hinting that Aimee’s photographs are the next big thing. Principal Lakhani decides to announce the election results and Connor is the winner. However, he rejects the position, saying everyone is messed up and he only tried out because he wanted to get with Jean.

The runner-up is Otis but he too refuses as he says Cavendish has always had a good therapist and gives O the mic. She is booed but before she can leave, Ruby steps up. She finally relates to Abbi’s no-negative-always-be-kind policy and says O too deserves a second chance and everyone agrees.

How does Maeve get back on track at Wallace?

Once reaching USA, Maeve resumes her English course at Wallace. She is delighted when she gets a call from a publisher saying that Ellen gave her Maeve’s Southchester piece and they are interested. 

Molloy calls Maeve in and congratulates her. He says he was just pushing her to be better but Maeve calls him out. She says he was not, he was just plain harsh but words matter, especially from someone with authority like a teacher. Because of him, she almost dropped out till she realised she deserved to be there. He looks thoughtful and acknowledges her.

In the end, Otis notices that Maeve has left him a letter. She will always be thankful to him for teaching her to open up and trust people because of his innate optimism. She has changed for good and she will always have a part of him.

The Episode Review

Sex Education ends on the right note. It gets super emotional but just before you are about to burst into tears, in comes a totally out-of-pocket moment that makes you snort such as Adam asking his dad to hug a horse after they have a heart-to-heart. Episode 8 of Sex Education Season 4 again keeps it light when O apologises to Ruby while Otis wades through trash to find Cal’s bag.

Eric’s realization during the baptism is an extremely strong scene. Whether viewers are religious or not, it shows Eric’s growth as a person, independent from all the Moordale/Cavendish drama. It is also a powerful moment between mother and son. Beatrice has always been supportive of Eric even when she doesn’t fully understand him, something that kids, queer or not, need to make a stance in the world. 

As for Molloy, he just comes and goes with possibly a total of 5 minutes of screen time in the whole season. It feels jarring especially since Netflix cast a prominent actor and promoted him as a main antagonist.

Cal’s struggle is peppered throughout the season and it feels like the writers are about to take another Molloy route but thankfully they don’t. The culmination of everything Cal feels such as their friends helping but them not being ready to face the world is realistic but still hopeful. And hopefully, it gives strength to viewers who may relate to Cal.

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