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Sex Education – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Last One

Episode 4 of Sex Education Season 4 begins with Michael and Gloria’s date. He is unable to get it up and Gloria leaves to have a one-night stand. Meanwhile, Maeve is welcomed by Anna and her sister, Elsie. Maeve and Ruby then text Otis and he is confused as he leaves.

Jean tries to warn Joanna about getting into a relationship with the banker guy, Dan. She also thinks she will get fired and starts crying as Joy starts crying. Joanna tries to tease her and cheer her up as she offers to look after Joy during Jean’s radio show. Meanwhile, Maureen wonders if something is going on between Adam and Jem, his boss. She is also curious if Michael ever went on the date but Adam leaves as he couldn’t care less.

Eric shows up at Otis’ but is mad that he didn’t tell him when Joanna says he has left to meet Maeve. On his way to college, Eric spots a Bible on the road and then a bird poops on him. Maeve and Aimee have a sweet reunion till Otis shows up. He is awkward but Maeve hugs him and asks him to come with them to the hospital.

Viv gushes about Beau and Jackson is amused. He also tells her about the lump and she comforts him. They hug which Beau notices. Ruby is impressed with the new turnout at the clinic but is annoyed when Otis doesn’t show up and O takes his clients. As for Aimee and Otis, they are worried as Maeve heads inside the hospital with her brother, Sean who doesn’t think it is serious.

At college, Beau gets insecure but asks Viv straight out about Jackson. She clears it up and says they are just best friends. He apologizes and asks her out. She accepts and they are awkwardly cute while Groff avoids Gloria. Cal apologises to Aisha for the other night but she doesn’t mind. Aisha says she is in an ethically non-monogamous relationship with PK and so asks out Cal.

Isaac misses Aimee and texts her. She is playing cards with Otis and texts him back which has Otis amused. Sean is fidgety and when they are finally called in, it is revealed their mother passed away 20 minutes ago. Joanna shows up with Joy for her date with Dan. It is awkward and weird but they still like each other as he says he wants to settle down and she says so should she.

Ruby confronts O who tries to sabotage the election by organising a debate as she texts Otis about it. O gets in her head by making her second guess her motive on why she is helping Otis. She says Ruby is trying her best so Otis realises he likes her but she shouldn’t be with a guy who leaves her confused. But Ruby gives back as good as she gets and threatens to reveal her true nature by calling her Sarah which has O flustered.

Meanwhile, Aimee takes Otis’ photos while he tries to awkwardly pose. He then helps her as she hints she has feelings for Isaac but she is worried about Maeve. He says she should tell Maeve if she is serious.

Ruby tries to get some dirt on O under the pretense of a survey but everyone says she is nice. When she asks Abbi’s gang, Abbi says gossiping is bad and keeps speaking for the whole group that O is great. But it seems that PK and Aisha disagree but stay silent. Ruby leaves and Abbi puts her down by calling her emotionally draining. When Aisha points out she is gossiping, Abbi simply says she is not.

Ruby asks Eric about Otis and thinks he stood him up because he was disinvited. Eric thinks it is because Maeve is back and Ruby looks hurt for a split second as Otis did not tell her.

Meanwhile, Jem teaches Adam not to fear horses by saying he should just take action instead of overthinking. They go on full throttle as she teaches him how to get on the horse and ride it. He is nervous but they start laughing as he gets more confident. At the hospital, Maeve is unable to see their mom and Sean goes alone. Meanwhile, Celia, the producer says Jean will have a co-host as her show is dying and it turns out to be O.

Michael teaches Adam to drive and the latter surreptitiously asks about his date. Michael ends up oversharing and Adam is grossed out. But he tells his dad that he may have performance anxiety and to just act rather than overthink. It boosts Michael’s confidence and he calls Gloria before he can regret it. They get it going after he takes Viagra and it is going great…for a minute. Annoyed, she leaves.

Maeve is trying to finish a crossword puzzle as she waits for Sean. She is unable to finish it and tells him to leave once he comes out. He wants to say more but he doesn’t. Outside, Otis and Aimee are listening to Jean’s radio show and are shocked to hear O. Sean tells them about his mom before he leaves and they worry for Maeve.

Eric’s mother, Beatrice asks him to help at the soup kitchen but he says no as he has to hang out with Abbi. A bird poops on him the second time and a homeless person asks for cash on his way out. With no cash on him, he tells her about the soup kitchen. Unsure about the way, she just pushes Eric to take her there. 

At the soup kitchen, the pastor gives him the side eye but Beatrice is happy to see him and tells him to help. He feels awkward in his colourful clothes but he tells Abbi he has to work as they are shortstaffed.

At Jean’s radio show, Michael calls in under the alias of Martin and says he has trouble even with Viagra. Jean is too informative but O helps her become more conversational. He says he was thinking about his wife and he misses her. Jean helps him out and O and Celia are impressed. So is Aimee while Otis is annoyed that O and Jean work well together.

At the soup kitchen, Abbi shows up and is ready to help which has Eric touched. But the pastor reveals that the place has lost its funding and will be shut down which has him conflicted. Maeve finally finishes her puzzle and heads out to join her friends. She acts nonchalant but holds Otis’ hand.

Turns out, Maureen is listening to Jean’s radio show and goes to Michael as she recognizes him. She says she heard him on the radio and tears up as she misses him too. She admits that it is all confusing but kisses him. Meanwhile, Aimee and Otis have a sleepover with Maeve. Ruby texts him one last time about the radio which he ignores and she looks disappointed.

The Episode Review

Jean is experiencing postpartum depression and it is clearer in episode 4 of Sex Education Season 4. Viv and Beau should have their own sessions on how to do the whole open communication and positive relationship thing. So should Isaac and Aimee as these two couples are the only non-toxic ones. If Aimee can text Isaac back while supporting Maeve, why can’t Otis? First, he ghosts Maeve then Eric and Ruby. Responding is basic decency!

Though at least this means that the plot is finally picking up. The first couple of episodes establish the new setting and the different relationships between the characters. But now we are finally getting the conflict like some A-grade miscommunication and angst. People are not who they say they are like Abbi and Aisha. It is about to get messy real quick. But the show better give everyone a happy ending as this is after all the final season.

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