Sex Education – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Being Left Out 

Episode 3 of Sex Education Season 4 begins with a flashback of a young Ruby at camp. Everyone makes fun of her hippie parentage and single her out. She becomes friends with O whose real name is Sarah Owen and they get along well. O even covers for her when she accidentally wets the bed.

Eric invites Otis to Queer Night at Labour Club as his wingman and they are both excited. While Joanna helps Otis dress up, Eric panics as he doesn’t know what to wear. But Otis needs to detour for the promotional video he needs to shoot with Ruby. However, Abbi and gang call Eric and reveal they too are going to Queer Night so they can hang out at Roman’s and pre-game before heading out together.

Tyrone and Maeve are confident she will get the internship but it goes to Ellen, her roommate. Tyrone comforts her as he also reveals that Ellen’s parents are bigwigs who donate and possibly is why she got the internship.

Meanwhile, Aimee shows up at Isaac’s trailer with cupcakes. She is not sure if painting is her thing so he helps her find other artistic outlets to process her trauma. Ruby’s father is angry with Otis but he helps with the video nonetheless. Otis is awkward and nervous but Ruby helps him find his groove.

Jean goes to a tater tots class and ends up ranting while introducing herself. She also reveals that Jakob is not the father. Michael teaches Adam how to drive but doesn’t do it well and they almost start fighting. Michael stops and apologises which weirds out Adam as he has never seen this side of his father.

Eric has a great time at Roman’s while Aimee likes the idea of doing self-portraits. Joanna tries to get a loan but she has no credit score or asset. But she clicks with the bank guy as they both like Lord of the Rings and he asks her out. Jean is surprised to see her on her way home but Joanna just deflects.

Beau shows up at Viv’s place but he also brings his friend Dave. Jackson goes to the doctor and he is told to get an ultrasound. He is also asked about his biological father as some illnesses could be hereditary and Jackson is troubled.

Michael tries to bond with Adam who finds it odd. Michael is too chatty as he also hilariously reveals he almost thought he was gay after seeing a Clint Eastwood movie. Their conversation is awkward but Adam ends up opening up to him. He notices Gloria texting Michael out on a date and tells him to go for it as Maureen is also seeing other people.

Eric notices Otis’ video and the gang is happy for him but it takes a negative turn as they laugh over straight people’s emotional problems. Meanwhile, Cal’s mother tries to hang out with them but they just shut her off. Instead, they spot a flier for Queer Night and consider it. Aimee and Isaac bond over him too using art to channel his anger and thoughts. They almost kiss but his brother Joe shows up and Aimee gets flustered and leaves.

Otis calls Eric for their next plan of action but is disappointed when Eric says he doesn’t need to come as Abbi and the gang will be there. Eric guesses he messed up but lets it go as the gang parties. Ruby overhears and pities Otis. They end up talking and he also tells her about Maeve and how he feels left out. She too reveals that Olivia and Anwar have moved on and don’t have time to hang out with her.

She is also helping Otis because she wants revenge on O. Turns out, when O got a chance to get with the popular girls, she made fun of Ruby’s bed-wetting incident. The girls recorded it and put it online. Ruby was teased to the point she used to eat her lunch alone in the toilet. And so she wants to expose O for pretending to be imparting kindness and empathy.

Dave finally leaves and Beau confesses that he likes Viv. His father is his best friend and he told him about Viv which has her touched. They kiss and then smile. Meanwhile, Eric, Abbi and the gang show up at Queer Night and have fun. Cal arrives as well but is awkward till Aisha asks them to join her.

While Ruby and Otis watch a reality show, so do Maureen and Adam. He tells her about his day with Michael and she is amused. But she looks sad when he says Michael has a date.

Maeve goes up to Molloy and asks about Ellen and what can she do differently. However, he is brutal and says Maeve’s new work is also below standard and from her writing, it seems she is not cut out to be a writer. She throws her draft in the trash just as Ellen says she has a call from her brother.

The gang does drugs and it gets to Eric. But he has a good time as he notices a boy from his church and they hook up. Meanwhile, Cal is dancing alone till Aisha joins them. They seem to misunderstand as Aisha looks at their lips to understand what they are saying. Just as Cal is about to flirt, Aisha’s partner, PK shows up.

Upset, Cal walks out. He spots Roman sitting outside and asks him about his top surgery. Roman reveals the difficulties of getting one and how he only got it because he went via a private channel. Eric talks to the guy about their church and how the pastor told him he needs to stay in the closet. The guy understands but says he cannot just leave as the community is a part of him.

The next morning, Ruby and Otis are shocked to see they slept off together. They play it cool but Otis thanks her for everything and she tells him to talk to Maeve. Aimee takes photographs while Isaac texts her that he had a good time. Jean breaks down as Joy keeps crying. Otis’ phone is dead and he finally charges it to see tons of missed calls from Maeve. He calls back and she says she is coming home as her mother has ODed and is in the hospital.

The Episode Review

Awww, the initial flashback of young Ruby and O is cute. Wonder why O betrayed her, it has to be more than just wanting to get an in with the cool kids. And we need more of Ruby, despite her mean girl exterior, she cares. That was evident in the previous season and the writers are going with that same tangent in season 4 as well. However, if they don’t give her an arc, she will just come off as this lonely, washed-out prom queen and she is better than that.

As for Aimee, she is the best character ever, she is always there for Maeve. And is also sweet with Isaac. Definitely need more of her too. By the way, does anyone else feel Molloy is just a pseudo-intellectual scammer? What he said to Maeve felt totally uncalled for. What is his deal? Hope this is not the last we see of him with that harsh scene in episode 3 of Sex Education Season 4.

As for Eric, oh boy, we are heading into some dangerous territory. He feels at home with Abbi’s gang and it is okay to find a safe space since Otis will never fully understand him. However, it is still a pretty low blow for the gang to put down Otis who is Eric’s best friend. Eric possibly doesn’t feel that way but he is just going with the flow so we can’t even blame him.

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