Sex Education – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

May The Best Therapist Win

Episode 2 of Sex Education Season 4 begins with Jackson hooking up with a girl, Annabelle. He takes forever but comes instantly when she fingers him. He is shocked and confused. Meanwhile, Jean’s younger sister, Joanna shows up after Otis calls her. She practically moves in as a live-in nanny and Jean is not happy.

While cycling to college, Otis tells Eric about Tyrone and gets insecure when Eric calls him hot. Meanwhile, Ruby tries to reconnect with O as they were classmates before but the latter doesn’t remember her. Ruby also overhears Abbi and Roman fighting. As for Jackson, he avoids Cal as he says he is still not ready to be friends.

Groff has trouble with the Cavendish layout while Gloria, a teacher hits on him. He texts Maureen and she tells Adam that he is stopping by for a meal which has the kid troubled. But he doesn’t mind as long as his parents are not getting back together.

Otis upgrades to a bigger room opposite O’s and sets up snacks. He and Eric have a heart-to-heart as Eric isn’t ready to be baptized as he is not accepted by the community. They are interrupted by O who is cocky and confident. Ruby observes and tells Otis she has a new proposition – to counsel Abbi and Roman. Otis puts in a good word for Ruby and the success brings him new customers. But Otis just shrugs off the idea.

Aimee apologises to Isaac about the other day and says she feels lonely now that Maeve isn’t around. She asks if they can start over and he accepts. Meanwhile, Adam shows up at his new job and is shocked to learn that it is not a doggy daycare but to teach kids how to ride horses. He needs to know how to drive a car and ride a horse, and he knows neither but he lies.

Beau asks Viv for a study session and she misinterprets it as a date. He tries to clarify but she says no regardless. As for Eric, he is getting on splendidly with Abbi.

A jealous Otis shows up at the college gym to work out and almost gets a concussion till Jackson spots him. However, it ends up being an indirect session as Jackson brings up the hookup with Annabelle. Otis tells him that sexuality is fluid and Jackson has regrets as he talks about Cal and feels they could have possibly gotten together if he was more ‘queerer’. Otis tells him about happy consent and to try it with Annabelle. 

Maeve struggles in Mr. Molloy’s class as he rejects the idea of historical novels and her reinterpreting a Bronte sister’s story. He tells her to tap into her experiences and shuts down other types of novel ideas. As for Eric, he is doing yoga with the girls when he hears from Aisha about Abbi and Roman.

Otis spots him and tries to follow Ruby’s suggestion by asking him to help. Eric feels uncomfortable about meddling in the couple’s relationship and Otis is understanding. Jean’s radio show is a disaster as she is distracted by Joanna not responding. She forgets her lines and gets flustered which has the producer exhausted.

Eric heads for his baptism class and is unsure but the pastor tells him he doesn’t have to worry about the community’s acceptance. Baptism is a personal relationship between him and God. Eric is unsure and runs into Abbi on his way home. She empathises with him as she too is religious but was not accepted when she started transitioning. 

At the Groffs, as they have lunch, Michael ruins it by prodding into Adam’s new job and asking about his career prospects and if they align with running a farm or riding horses. Adam storms off and Maureen tells Michael not to be too hard on him. Michael goes up to Adam and apologises. He also offers to teach him driving for the job and Adam agrees. 

Otis checks in with Maeve but his jealousy gets the better of him and he goes on about Tyrone. An angry Maeve ends up revealing that Tyrone is gay and cuts the call. Jackson follows Otis’ advice and talks it out with Annabelle. The sex is great but when he tries to hang out with her she stops him and says she doesn’t want a relationship. However, before she leaves, she tells him that he has a lump.

At college, Otis catches up with Eric but on spotting Roman alone takes his chance. He talks it out with him and successfully helps Roman and Abbi patch up. On seeing them happy, all of O’s customers end up going to Otis. In art class, Aimee and Isaac bond as she tells him about her childhood toy – a melon. He finds her weird but endearing. Meanwhile, Cal and Aisha start talking as they laugh over Ms. Gloria being too enthusiastic in accommodating Aisha.

At home, Jean is not too happy with Joanna as she doesn’t really take care of Joy. Turns out, she broke up with her ex and now doesn’t have a place to stay. Jean tells her if she wants to help, she should actually help and gives her Joy. Jackson stops by Otis’ and worries about the lump. Otis says it is probably nothing but he should get it checked.

Adam struggles at work and finally confesses that he doesn’t know anything about horses. His boss pities him and asks if he can drive which leads to an awkward silence. Meanwhile, Viv asks Jackson about Annabelle and he says he doesn’t want to keep it casual but he is also not over Cal. Beau smiles at Viv and Jackson encourages her to say yes to the study session.

O meets up with Otis with a plan for them to team up as two clinics are redundant. However, he puts his foot in his mouth by saying they should just have an election and the best therapist will win which is him. Ruby offers to help him even though he took advantage of her proposal and didn’t help her with Abbi. He wonders if she wants to get with him and she calls him arrogant and leaves. 

Maeve shows up with a new draft which is based on her life only to find Molloy moping over a New Yorker rejection. He reads out his proposal to her and is impressed when she is blunt with her criticism. She gives him her new draft and later checks in with Otis.

However, they end up fighting as she thinks that she may be staying longer if Molloy takes her on as an intern. She doesn’t understand why he is upset and they decide to take a break. Meanwhile, Otis realises he does need help when he notices O making a music video asking the students to vote for her. He ends up calling Ruby.

The Episode Review

Missed Adam in the premiere. But he is back and adorable as ever. Has anyone else ever lied on their resume and then tried to get through it by winging it? But how does one wing horse riding? Just didn’t think that through, huh, Adam?

Sex Education Season 4 is definitely branching out, that too on the topic of religion. There is always the fear of trodding on sensitive topics but Episode 2 does it well. Rather than the actual ideology, it focuses more on the people and their relationships such as that of Eric and Abbi. 

The Netflix show is also taking on more diverse queer topics like that of the trans couple Abbi and Roman or that of Jackson questioning what constitutes heterosexual masculinity. But the show still does it well by tying in with the main characters of the show so that we are not bored. 

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