Sex Education – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Review

A New Start

Episode 1 of Sex Education Season 4 begins with Maeve seeing everyone hooking up at her new American college. She gets horny and sends a boob pic to Otis. He goes over the top trying to groom and find the right angle to take a nude, but in the end, he doesn’t respond to her. Meanwhile, Jean is struggling with baby Joy as she has an interview to host a radio show. 

As Eric and Otis cycle to their new college, Cavendish, Eric second-guesses the new school. Otis cheers him up by saying they are the cool guys and that he wants to reopen the sex clinic as therapy is his new calling. Aimee uses her new interest for sex toys to send gifts to Maeve. As for Cal, they are excited as it is 6 months into using testosterone but they experience a sex overdrive. 

On the way, Otis tells Eric about the nude who is surprised that he didn’t send one. However, once they reach the college, they are surprised by how open, happy and colourful Cavendish is. Ruby almost runs over a girl, Abbi with her car but Eric saves her. They also spot Aimee who tells them Anwar and Olivia have enrolled in Taylor’s Secondary in Northbury.

Abbi and her clique give the Moordale students a tour which includes fancy elements like a meditation room, silent disco, gardening, recycling and more. They also give tablets to the students and Eric is excited. Otis gives out pamphlets for his free sex therapy clinic but no one pays attention.

On the way to her art class, Aimee gets stuck in an elevator with Isaac. While trying to do small talk, she is accidentally ableist and Isaac acts annoyed but he doesn’t truly mind. Headmaster Groff, the new substitute math teacher is as confused by the technology as Eric and Viv but he makes it work despite the students laughing at him.

Maeve gets along well with the other students but their new English teacher is extremely eccentric. He is impressed that she read his first book but throws her phone out the window when it rings. The new students help her look for it and she asks them what it means if the guy she sent a nude to doesn’t respond. They get in her head and she asks Otis if he is ghosting her. Frustrated with himself, he sends her a nude.

In art class, Aimee is too literal with her drawing while Cal gets uncomfortable that they are getting turned on by the naked images. As for Adam, he sulks at home while looking at pictures of Eric. His mother, Maureen tries to cheer him up while also telling him to find a job if he doesn’t want to continue school.

Jean calls to ask if Maureen can look after Joy but takes the baby with her when Maureen says she has class. The interview is rushed and chaotic as Jean ends up breastfeeding Joy but the interviewer loves her pitch and hires her immediately.

At lunch, the Cavendish gang avoid Aimee, Ruby and Groff. Ruby and Groff end up eating their lunch in the toilet stalls. However, Eric fits right in as Abbi, Aisha and Roman invite him to sit with them. They talk about star signs and he also learns that Aisha has a hearing aid. He tries to promote Otis’ clinic but learns that there is already someone called O.

At the same time, a student asks Otis about O and then walks off when he starts talking about orgasms. He and Eric run into each other and both realise at the same time that there is another sex therapist on campus called O. O is a she, is extremely booked and busy, has a social media presence, gives free cookies and is popular. She allows Otis to talk to her who wants her to shut down her clinic as she ‘stole’ his idea.

She is just calm and ends up counselling him when he rambles on about taking care of Joy and being unable to respond to Maeve. However, Otis is indignant and decides to promote his clinic by announcing it. Eric worries for him and rightfully, as Otis gets off on a terrible start as he claims he thinks about sex and everything he learned about it is through his mother.

He finally explains, with a little help from Eric, that he is a sex therapist and connects his phone to the projector to put up his flier. Unfortunately, he gets a notification that his nude to Maeve was not sent and he accidentally opens it. Chaos ensues as his phone then connects via Bluetooth and his assortment of nudes all end up on the projector screen. He is finally able to shut it down and runs off.

He hides in his clinic and Eric tries to comfort him but instead prods into the topic of nudes. Cal suddenly asks Otis for a counselling session and reveals their sexual overdrive. Otis sympathises with them and says it is not disgusting and that it is just a journey like that of a horny teenage boy going through puberty.

Cal feels better but is awkward when they try to greet Jackson who walks off. Viv calls out Jackson who says that he is still trying to get over Cal. She states that they anyway don’t have time for relationships but she blushes and flirts when Beau from Math class helps her out while Jackson grins.

At home, Jean is in her scatterbrained era as she barely listens to Otis and almost misplaces Joy for a second. Tired, Otis calls someone for help. Meanwhile, Eric’s mother tries to get him baptized and gives him the side eye when he tries to ask about his zodiac signs. He is then ecstatic when Abbi adds him on Cavendish’s social media platform, Dolly.

Groff stops by to ask Maureen why Adam is not in school and she tells him that he needs to make an effort if he wants to talk to Adam. He says he is going to therapy and when he spots Adam, he waves sheepishly.

Otis and Maeve finally get on a call and he apologizes. He tells her that he is not good with photos and also recalls O’s advice that maybe he feels vulnerable she is not coming back. Maeve assures him that she will return him and then they try to have phone sex. They both enjoy it but she suddenly leaves as she says she is hanging out with her classmates including someone called Tyrone. Otis gets jealous and looks up Tyrone online.

The Episode Review

Sex Education is back with a bang, no pun intended. From the get-go it is hilarious. Otis’ failed PR move is a laugh riot from the projector glitch to Eric trying to comfort him. And despite it all, the Netflix show also stays true to its title by providing information albeit in a sarcastic and hilarious way from Otis needing therapy himself to helping out Cal who feels uncomfortable with the side effects of testosterone. 

Viv and Jackson’s friendship is super adorable. And are we about to get something between Isaac and Aimee? Episode 1 of Sex Education Season 4 has a lot going on as it introduces new characters who we are sure will bring about some changes in the established dynamics of the Moordale gang.

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Next Episode

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