Sex Education Season 3 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The End?

Does Jean survive her ordeal in hospital?

Episode 8 of Sex Education Season 3 begins with Otis add Ola both in hospital, waiting to hear from Jean. She’s hemorrhaged and in surgery at the moment. Otis is worried about her though, especially given the last time they spoke the pair ended up fighting. Despite Eric’s comforting words, it’s clear that Otis is worried.

Jean awakens from surgery though and thankfully she’s okay. Well, she’s a bit erratic and clearly still high on anesthetic but thankfully she’s okay. When Otis tells Eric the good news, he encourages his best friend to go and talk to Adam about how he’s feeling.

With Hope dismissed from school, Otis runs into his former head-teacher in the hallways. Hope smirks, bitterly retorting that they’ve only destroyed themselves in the wake of trying to be clever and stand up for themselves.

Hope has been trying to get pregnant for 3 years too, and she sees herself as a failure for not being able to have a child. As Otis gives some reassuring words to her, Jean overhears her son and couldn’t be prouder.

As the pair talk in private, Otis admits that he likes talking to people. Could he have a career in therapy going forward? We’ll have to wait and see but either way, Otis takes this golden opportunity to talk about Maeve with her, and how important the girl is to him. When Otis does leave, following a hug and a touching moment together, Jean opens her post – including a letter regarding DNA results. As she opens it up and looks on, she curses.

Do Eric and Adam break up?

Following Eric’s betrayal, Rahim and Adam realize they have more in common than they first thought. News of Hope leaving thee school is quelled somewhat by Eric and Adam talking after school. Unfortunately the pair end their relationship, with Adam’s heart breaking and struggling to control his emotions. Eric however decides that it’s probably for the best, using an analogy that h’s ready to fly while Adam is still learning to walk.

Meanwhile, Maeve is offered a place to stay at Anna’s house. She’s clearly still buzzing after her kiss with Otis. When Maeve shows up at school, Erin shows up outside with a wad of money. She hands it over and suggests she go to America on her trip after all. It’s a completely selfless act and a moment of redemption for a woman who – up until now anyway – has only really been thinking of herself.

Do Cal and Jackson get together?

At school, Viv turns heads everywhere when she rocks up with her boyfriend Eugene. He’s incredibly handsome too and it looks like she’s moving up in the world… until she goes flying over a trolley.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Cal end up talking about their feelings. The pair decide to stay as friends, as Jackson admits that he’s not queer. As one final act, the pair hug to solidify their friendship.

What happens to Moordale and the students?

With the school in a tumultuous place, Mark gathers the students and reveals the bad news. Investors have pulled all their funding from the school and as a consequence, they’re going to have to sell the school. This spells bad news for everyone at Moordale.

While Viv hooks up with Eugene and Rahim reads the poem Adam wrote out for Eric, Maeve packs her bags and decides to leave. Just before she does, she says goodbye to Isaac, deciding they should just be friends. He’s not sure he can accept this though, and as Maeve leaves you can see the bitterness on his face. Well, that’s what you get for sabotaging Otis and Maeve mate.

Does Adam open up to his Mum about being gay?

Adam, still stinging from his break-up with Eric, competes at the dog show and ends up gaining a round of applause for one of the best debuts seen in quite some time. After, Adam finally reveals the truth to Maureen about his sexuality – and the break-up. As Maureen hugs him warmly, this also seems to have a knock-on effect of helping make Maureen’s mind up. She messages Michael and decides against getting back together. Given he’s made dinner for them both, the evening ends in disappointment.

How does Sex Education Season 3 end?

While Ola and Lily patch up their differences, Eric and Otis work together to try and finish the tree-house. In doing so though, Maeve shows up and reveals she’s going to go to America after all. This isn’t goodbye though, and instead the pair decide this is a “see you soon.”

What will happen to Moordale in the future?

This school year has been a bit topsy-turvy and the ending doesn’t give many clues over what’s going to happen to the school. One would assume that someone will buy the school out, and it could well even turn into an academy, just like Hope wanted.

However, one of the final shots with Jackson shows him looking at a news report online of nationwide protests following “sex school” trending. It could well be that the school gets government funding after all and is saved for another term. We’ll have to wait and see of course.

Another idea could hint at Michael being reinstated at Moordale, using that as a platform to try and connect with Adam again. Most of this season we’ve seen him flitting about without much purpose beyond trying to rediscover who he is. This could be the perfect pay-off for that subplot.

What will happen with Adam?

Adam has been one of the better characters written this year, and the ending sort of hints that he’ll be growing closer to Rahim if this is renewed for a fourth season. Given the overwhelming popularity of the show, that almost seems like a given.

Seeing him come out to his Mum is great, although there’s still the big elephant in the room – Michael. The pair haven’t reconciled their differences yet and it seems like the show is holding back on that until a possible renewal. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition.

The Episode Review

Sex Education bows out with an open ending, one that screams out for a season 4 to come in and start to develop these storylines a lot more. There’s a lack of closure with many of the subplots here, although Eugene, Lily and Ola all get some pretty good development throughout.

The heartwarming moments that spring up throughout the show are only exemplified here, as Otis and Jean finally patch up their differences. There’s also the small subject of Adam openly admitting that he’s gay to Maureen, which is a big step forward for Adam, reinforcing how much he’s embracing his own sexuality now.

Sex Education as done a good job juggling so many subplots and while not everything has been handled so eloquently (the whole “Sex King” Kyle subplot was just completely dropped while Ruby is non-existent in these final two episodes for example.)

However, the forward thinking and diverse storylines work in tandem together, leaving lots of promise for this popular series in the future. Season 3 has been highly enjoyable and this finale only reinforces that. So… season 4 anyone?

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