Sex Education – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Kiss

Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3 begins with our class at the Somme in France. As the teachers split the kids into two groups, Otis finds himself relegated from the annuls of coolness. The one person who’s not with him though is Eric, who’s preparing for his trip across to Nigeria.

With the students off on a trip, Hope runs into Jean at the hospital. There’s a pretty frosty reception between them, to say the least, as the pair butt heads over what they think about the new SRE curriculum.

Speaking of butting heads, over in France various different groups find themselves coming to terms with their personal issues. The biggest of course, happens to be Ruby and Otis. The latter does his best to try and speak to Ruby but beyond learning she doesn’t hate him, he doesn’t get very far. Ruby needs some time to heal.

News of Otis’s break-up trickles across to Maeve too, who learns that Aimee was actually the one who paid for her to come on the trip. Maeve is not exactly happy, and they end up coming to blows later on in the episode. Aimee calls out Maeve for pushing people away while Maeve highlights Aimee’s relationship issues with Steve.

Another person here having issues is Viv, who ends up sexting with her boyfriend Eugene. Only, there’s a problem. He will only sext with her using medieval colloquialisms. It’s not exactly doing the job!

Another issue here stems from Rahim and Adam, who just so happen to be sitting next to each other on the bus during the trip. When Rahim heads off to use the toilet, he ends up blocking it completely.

Well, one thing leads to another; Rahim throws human feces out the window, the toilet ends up blocked and a car collides with the bus. With everything looking grim, Adam actually sticks up for Rahim and claims he was responsible. He saves Rahim from humiliation.

In the wake of all this drama, Maeve and Otis end up left behind. During the ol’ Home Alone head count trope, the couple from the car end up aboard instead. Before we hop back and see Otis and Maeve chatting about their love lives, on the bus Cal and Jackson end up kissing. Only, Cal pulls away, unsure whether this is what they actually want or not.

Maeve and Otis do end up chatting though, and in the cold, dark night, Otis recites his voicemail to her. The same one that Isaac deleted. As he utters the words, admitting that he meant every word, the pair end up kissing. FINALLY! Only, just as they kiss the bus pulls up, lights blinding, and shows the pair together. Ruby is shocked while the teachers scramble for them to hurry aboard.

Kyle, of all people, ends up giving a rousing speech about living in the moment (and even offers up some magic mushrooms too.)

The gang make it back home in one piece, uniforms fixed up, as Hope is there to greet them. With Eric in Nigeria, Adam messages him “I miss you” but doesn’t receive a reply.

The Episode Review

It may have been a small trip to France but it brings about big changes. Maeve and Otis finally kissing is one of the bigger points of contention here, and will likely lead to a lot of complications going forward.

The whole Cal/Jackson situation is another relationship that’s had some ups and downs and it’s hard to figure Cal out. In fact, it’s even harder to figure out how this fits into the Viv subplot too, given she has her own boyfriend and issues with roleplaying.

The humour may have been a bit crude this time around, and borrow heavily from both Dumb and Dumber and Home Alone, but it’s a decent standalone chapter – and an important milestone in the ongoing saga between Maeve and Otis.

Quite what will happen next though remains to be seen but one things for certain – the drama is far from over!

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