Sex Education – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

It’s Over Now

Episode 4 of Sex Education Season 3 begins with Ruby annoyed with Otis over what happened on the phone. Otis is well aware of what he’s done, but dances around the issue until quizzing Eric later on in the day.

When Eric finds out, he’s incredulous and tells Otis he needs to tell Ruby the truth; maybe he’s just not in love with her. If that’s the case though, he needs to tell Ruby and that’s certainly easier said than done.

Jakob and Jean attend therapy again and both have very different ideas about whether this is right for them or not. In fact, Jakob is certain that therapy isn’t all its chalked up to be… which obviously hits Jean pretty hard given her profession and life. These issues are only compounded further later on, as Jakob decides to build a treehouse for their kid.

Back at school, Hope briefs the kids on a new and “upgraded” SRE class. First up, guys and girls are split into two different groups. This is, of course, not ideal for the non-binaries but to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. Both lessons are vile and completely ridiculous, with Otis even kicked out for saying penis while Maeve is kicked out hers for speaking up about the beauty of making love.

With both kids alone in the corridors, Maeve and Otis realize they have more in common than they first thought. However, their conversation is cut short by the kids leaving their classes, freaking out over what they’ve just seen.

Viv starts to exhibit concerns over Hope’s draconian ideas, suggesting an open forum for the students to voice their concerns. Hope brushes aside her concerns and decides to use the girl to keep an eye on the different students. Among those being watched is Maeve, who has an anonymous donation from someone, allowing her to go on the school trip.

Back home, Maeve cuts her hair. Afterwards, she and Isaac end up getting together in the caravan. While it’s all happy families for them, Ruby and Otis finally end up talking. In doing so, Ruby decides Otis should leave for good, clearly hurt by him not reciprocating her feelings. Funnily enough though, it’s Jakob that Otis confides in rather than Jean.

Speaking of confessions, while the Otis/Ruby situation goes up in flames, Adam finally opens up and heads over to Eric’s place, telling him that he’s in love. Its a big moment, and it’s one that’s immediately overshadowed by the gang ready to travel en-route to France for their school trip.

The Episode Review

Poor Ruby. The inevitable finally happens and Otis ends up breaking things off with her. It’s perhaps for the best but funnily enough, it’s Jakob that Otis ends up confiding in. Whether he likes to admit it or not, this father figure could well be a great thing for him in the future, offering up a slightly different perspective to Jean’s therapeutic way of looking at things.

Meanwhile, the various other subplots continue to tick away. Eric and Adam take a big step in their relationship, while tensions continue to escalate between Viv and Jackson in the middle of all this.

Sex Education has been just as good this year – if not better – than seasons past and aside from the Isaac/Maeve situation, has delivered a great pot of bubbling emotions. Roll on the next episode!

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