Sex Education – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

“Oh…that’s nice!”

Episode 3 of Sex Education Season 3 starts with the ghastly school uniform coming to Moordale. Each of our students do their best to make it work, while Eric and Otis prepare for their upcoming double date.

However, tensions continue to escalate between Otis and Ola. With Ola and Jakob moving in, things inevitably bubble up. However, in the wake of all this chaos, there’s a nice moment between Aimee and Jean. Their sessions start to go ahead, with Aimee opening up about the abuse she suffered and is trying to move past.

This moment soon passes though as we prepare for the first day of Moordale with uniforms. The early morning includes a meeting with all the female “worst offenders”, given their uniform infractions.

One person who takes well to this change though is Viv, who settles in nicely to her head-girl role. Jackson isn’t exactly pleased, as this triangle with Cal continues to unravel – especially when she shows and decides to hang with Jackson. With Maeve’s ex still trying to find his place in school, he’s encouraged to try pot by Cal.

A quick puff helps loosen him up too, where he reveals how anxious he’s becoming. After all, with no Head Boy role and swimming falling by the wayside, it provides a rare moment of vulnerability for him to reflect on his true life’s purpose.

Meanwhile, the double date goes ahead and Adam ends up becoming the star of the show. He connects with Ruby over the Kardashians and even helps give Otis some advice regarding Ola. Separately though, the pair have their own issues.

Eric and Adam walk in on Maureen kissing on the floor with a new crush. It’s incredibly awkward – and even more so when Adam introduces Eric as his friend rather than lover.

Meanwhile, Ruby finally lets Otis over to see her house, where his father Roland is pretty eccentric…and a weed smoker. Apparently he smokes to help with the pain, although Jeffrey happens to be his friend. The same Jeffrey, as it turns out, who happens to be sleeping with Cynthia, Maeve’s mother. What a small world!

Meanwhile, Maeve and Isaac continue to hash out their differences. Isaac has clearly been using Erin to try and get through to Maeve, and it works enough to get the two in the same caravan together. Isaac gushes about how much he cares about her, which is enough too gain him a kiss on the cheek and a promise. If Isaac lies again, Maeve will cut his balls off. Fair compromise to be fair.

That night, Otis heads home and says goodbye to Ruby on the phone. “I love you,” She eventually says. “Oh…that’s nice!” Otis replies cheerfully as a million watchers just cringed and let out a massive “oof” during this segment.

The Episode Review

Poor Ruby. The acting right at the end is absolutely on the money from her too, and seeing the girl vulnerable and opening up… only to be shot down by Otis of all people is pretty difficult to watch. Their relationship now seems destined  for failure, with Maeve and Otis still on-course to be a thing by season’s end.

Meanwhile, the whole situation with Adam coming out to his parents continues to be a big elephant in the room. Ola’s personal demons continue to haunt her too, while the adults have their own fair share of problems too.

Given how many characters occupy this show, it’s a miracle that Sex Education manages to juggle all of this so effectively. Where the show will continue that going forward though, is another matter. For now, season 3 has been brilliant.

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