Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Master & Pupil

Episode 9 kicks off with Donny, Perci, and Sin continuing their journey to Liones, with Anne as the newest member of the crew, who also wants to become a holy knight. When Anne comes to know that Perci is a country pumpkin and doesn’t actually know about the Holy War or the Seven Deadly Sins, she decides to bring him up to speed.

Anne informs Perci that the Seven Deadly Sins were a group of Knights who, despite being wrongly accused of conspiring against the King, saved the kingdom on many occasions. Not just that, Seven Deadly Sins also defeated the Demon King in the Holy War.

In addition, Anne also crowns herself as the group’s leader for better functioning. After a while, Sin pulls out his map and informs everyone that they need to cross the Dalflare range and will stop at a town called Cant to make the necessary preparations. However, Anne has a different plan in mind and suggests taking the mountain route, but Slim pays no heed to it.

Back at Cant, we see Howzer, one of the holy knights of Liones, drowning himself in alcohol at a local pub. Howzer is also the one who was training Donny to become a holy knight. The group tries to secure accommodation, but Anne squanders all the silver coins on useless supplies.

When Sin lashes out at her, she decides to return all the stuff she has brought. Meanwhile, Donny and Nasiens arrive at the pub, where they run into Howzer, who’s surprised to see that Donny has abandoned his training to join a troupe. The situation escalates when Howzer notices the fragment of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.

Howzer immediately hurls a sucker punch at Donny, calling him a coward and stealing the fragment. Moreover, Howzer also bothers others and snags Anne’s silver coins that she and Perci have won in gambling. Nasiens thinks of a good way to settle the bout and challenges Howzer to a game of shots.

In between the game, Nasiens figures out that there’s something fishy about the town and asks Perci and Anne to be careful. Towards the end, it becomes clear that the people who inhabit the town aren’t actually locals but bandits working under Edlin, another aspiring knight that Howzer used to train.

The Episode Review

Episode 9 is a fun and adventurous episode that resumes the journey of Donny, Perci, Sin, and Anne to Liones. Along the way, they encounter some old friends and foes, and the country pumpkin (Percival) learns more about the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy War that took place 16 years ago.

The group has arrived in the town of Cant and, unfortunately, faces a grave danger. Will Donny be able to save his friends and prove Howzer wrong? Like always, the episodes don’t shy away from humor, action, and corny jokes.

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