Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse – Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Demon of the Echo Gorge

At the start of episode 4, Sin, Dolores, and Donny arrive at the Echo Gorge, a place where the demon of the Echo Gorge resides. Bob and Nob believe that a search and rescue mission would now be a last cause, as the forest is highly dangerous, and Nasiens, a boy who lives here, can turn both flora and fauna into a monstrosity by administering his evil potions. However, Dolores denies it, saying Nasiens is a kind boy. 

Meanwhile, Nasiens shackles Percival and tries to administer some of his potions, but thanks to Percival’s powers and magic, he recovers quickly, making him a perfect guinea pig for Nasien’s experiments. Percival frees himself and offers to help Nasiens.

When he refuses, Percival snags Nasiens’s violet-colored concoction and consumes it. Nasiens also drinks what concoction remains in the vial and is knocked unconscious. 

The cavalry arrives, and Percival tries to convince everyone that Nasiens is innocent and is actually trying to save Gorge. In his disoriented state, Nasiens mumbles the name “Ordo,” a herbalist who arrived in Gorge years ago when it was a beautiful paradise. Ordo became friends with Dolores, Bob, and Nob and even practically raised Nasiens after finding out that he had been deserted.

But where is Ordo now? Bob says he left Gorge after Nasiens started carrying out his evil experiments. The fairies attempt to pelt Nasiens with stones and whatever they can find but face resistance from Percival, who hits them back, asking them to help Nasiens restore Gorge to its former glory. But how? Didn’t Percival and Nasiens drink all the concoction?

Yes, they did, but in reality, Nasiens have a special ability. Any potion or poison that Nasiens drinks, his body remembers, allowing him to create and mix potions at will. This is Nasiens magic, and he calls it “Venom Mixing.” Nasiens showers his newly created potions over the Gorge, restoring it to its older self.

The once-decayed trees have now changed into vibrant greenery, and the animals that were previously transformed into ferocious beasts have reverted to their original state. Once Gorge is saved, everyone, including the fairies, who were pelting him with stones a while ago, sang Nasiens’s praises. But how did the Gorge end up like this in the first place?

According to Nasiens, since the day of Ordo’s disappearance, the vitality of both the flora and fauna of the Gorge faded away. Suddenly, the group is attacked by a giant monstrosity, who once again decays the forest with his poisonous breath.

The monster is revealed to be Ordo, who has been transformed into a beast by a sly and evil fairy. Ordo is a criminal, and he must destroy the Gorge to atone for his sins, says the evil fairy. As the episode nears its end, The group tries to save the Forest, but Ordo severely wounds Dolores and the others.

The Episode Review

In Episode 4, we ventured into the Echo Gorge with Sin, Dolores, and Donny, where Nasiens brewed trouble with his mysterious potions. However, the real twist is that Nasiens was actually using his potion prowess to revive the dying Gorge.

We also see Ordo, who was once an herbalist but was transformed into a monstrous foe by an evil fairy. The episode left us hanging with Dolores and the gang wounded. Can’t wait to see how they deal with the evil fairy and save Ordo. 

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