Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Episode 1 of The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse begins with Percival and his grandfather, Varghese, having the time of their life. In the remote land of God’s Finger, the dynamic duo frequents their hours between hunting, sky fishes, and Goren wrestling. Percival is an avid foodie and is always looking for ways to fill his belly. On the other hand, Varghese can’t help but notice that his grandson has no intention to leave God’s finger and explore the world beyond. 

A day before his 16th birthday, Varghese asks Percival if he dreams of leaving home for an adventurous journey. Percival responds that he has no such intention and wants to live here with Varghese. The old man tells his grandson about the great land of Britannia, a magical kingdom that abounds with thrilling adventures and mind-boggling mysteries waiting to be discovered. Varghese goes on about the sights and dangers that lurk beyond God’s Finger. 

This includes a twisted tower where a mage resides with a guarded heart, a knight who guides a phantom ship through the skies, the great cave with many air holes leading to hell, the lady of enchantment lake ensnares heroes, and a tangled forget, which no one can escape from. Unfortunately, Percival doesn’t want to leave home, unlike his father, who left God’s Finger the moment he became an adult.

As the episode progresses, we notice that Varghese always chants an oath about protecting the weak and those close to him. This suggests that Varghese was a part of a creed before retiring and settling in God’s Finger. The same night, the Knight who rides the phantom ships arrives at God’s Finger, looking for Varghese.

The Knight introduces himself as one of Varghese’s friends, who accompanied him on many adventures. This is the point where we learn that Varghese is hiding some sort of secret from Percival. However, the Knight has no intention of catching up on old gossip; rather, he wants to kill Varghese for betraying their master and fleeing. An epic sword fight ensues, and the Knight mercilessly attacks Varghese.

Percival tries to intervene, but the Knight kicks him away, not even acknowledging that Percival is just a 16-year-old boy. But why is the Knight attacking Varghese? The Knight talks about a prophecy that states four Knights of Apocalypse who’ll bring about the end of King Arthur. Since the identity of these Knights remains a mystery, the rogue Knight is on a mission to kill anyone with the potential to become one. 

Varghese eventually dies because of his injuries, but before his final breath, he passes the torch to  Percival, asking him to find his purpose and leave God’s Finger. I’ll be with you every step of the way, states Varghese. As the episode nears its end, Percival wears his grandfather’s helmet and climbs down the mountain. 

The Episode Review

Episode 1 kicks off with a bang, and the action-packed scenes in the first 20 minutes promise an exciting and intriguing show ahead. In the final moments of the episode, we uncover the secret Varghese has been keeping from Percival. Turns out, the holy Knight who attacked them is named Ironside, and shockingly, he’s Percival’s father. This revelation hits hard, as Percival grew up believing his father was a noble knight who perished in the war. 


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