Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse – Episode 10 Recap & Review

Roar Of Destruction

Episode 10 begins with bandits surrounding Howzer and Nasiens. Their leader, Edlin, walks inside the bar, aiming to rob Howzer and others. In reality, Edlin runs a bandit crew, who have scattered themselves in the town and rob the unsuspecting travelers who stop at Cant looking for supplies or accommodation.

This is the reason why Howzer was in town to catch these bandits and bring them to justice. Moreover, Edlin is also one of Howzer’s students, whom he was training to become a knight. However, Edlin, rather than becoming a noble warrior, picked the easy and dishonest road and became a bandit.

Nasiens tries to attack the bandits with his special sleepy potions but is eventually knocked down and kidnapped by others. Edlin also meets his old friend, Donny, and even tries to convince Donny to join his bandit and help him rob unsuspecting travelers.

At first, Donny cannot believe his ears and suspects Edlin is playing some sort of prank on him, but the truth immediately becomes clear when Edlin threatens Donny with the lives of his friends. When Donny refuses to side with Edlin, The latter calls upon an ancient dragon, casting a giant shadow over the entire town of Cant. 

Meanwhile, the barkeeper turns a new leaf and frees Nasiens and the others. The Bandit also informs them about the giant dragon that Edlin has somehow managed to tame. But how? The barkeeper reveals that Edlin claimed the dragon’s den, and stole its egg, leaving the giant fire-breather with no choice but to follow Edlin.

However, it turns out that the egg Edlin has in his possession is a fake, nothing but a replica. The barkeep believes that Edlin is a kind-hearted kid deep down, and is only putting the tough act so people can acknowledge him. Edlin always frees everyone the bandits capture, says the barkeeper.

The old man shows them where Edlin has been hiding the real dragon offspring. Eventually, Howzer and others put their conflict behind them and join forces to save the town and Edlin. The bandits betray Edlin and steal the egg, believing it to be real, but the illusion wears off, and the egg disappears into thin air.

The dragon catches onto all the drama and unleashes his anger on the town. Meanwhile, Edlin is having a hard time escaping the dragon, but Donny intervenes and saves Edlin by levitating him in the air.

Towards the end, Perci and Anne join the battle and confront the mighty dragon with their respective attacks, but the dragon is way too powerful for even Percival to control. 

The Episode Review

So, will Percival and his friends be able to defeat the dragon? It looks like it, thanks to Percival’s new power that he calls Hope. However, this isn’t going to be a walk in the park since the dragon is both powerful and furious.

Also, it’s possible that Howzer will realize his mistake after seeing that his former pupil, Donny, isn’t a coward but a brave man who’ll happily sacrifice his life for the greater good.

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