Servant – Season 4 Episode 8 “Tunnels” Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Servant season 4 starts with an alarming amount of extreme weather hitting Philadelphia. Leanne watches the news and is completely nonchalant to a whole horde of rats coming up through the drains as the reporter discusses the flooding and torrential rain.

This rain is bad, so bad in fact that it’s starting to flood the Turner house and all air travel has been closed down. This is coinciding with a full lunar eclipse too, so it’s a very dark and ominous sign!

Sean wheels Jericho into Dorothy’s room, intending to sleep all together and to be somewhere where their babe can be safe. They’re loathe to go in the basement, which leaves Leanne all alone. In fact, that loneliness is given an extra kick when Leanne’s followers show up at the back door, drenched. They’ve decided they can’t stay in the park anymore.

Leanne sits in Jericho’s room with the window wide open until Dorothy hobbles in and shuts it. Dorothy admits she’s never met anyone like Leanne; she’s tenacious and never gives up. However, Dorothy is quick to point out that this isn’t always a good thing. “All I’ve ever tried to do is make you happy,” Leanne retorts. “That’s not your job though.” Dorothy replies.

After this encounter, Leanne heads up to the roof and begins laughing maniacally, doing a whole “Lieutenant Dan” stint and goading the Heavens to open up and strike her down. As a crackle of lightning hits the roof, Julian heads up and listens to Leanne’s mad rambling. Sean also shows and both of them have had enough, They tie down Leanne to a wheelchair and take her into the basement. Specifically, to where Uncle George happens to be waiting for her with a couple of his followers. There’s also a fire down there too, which unnerves Julian, but the pair turn and leave all the same.

George pleads with Leanne, telling her to free the Turner family from this living hell and do what’s needed. Instead, Leanne takes the red hot knife and stabs Uncle George right through the neck, cutting into his mouth. Leanne also kills his subordinates too before plunging the knife into his eye and burning George’s corpse.

Julian and Sean sit at the kitchen table and grab a knife of their own as Leanne begins humming unnervingly. As Sean creeps forward, he slips and the knife ends up in his own chest. A blood-stained Leanne arrives in the hallway, prompting Julian to apologize to her. As he walks past Leanne to phone paramedics for Sean, Leanne pushes him down the stairs, which leads to him slipping backwards and falling into the watery hole. A stack of shelves lands on top of him.

Dorothy, incapacitated at the top of the stairs, struggles to make it to the bannisters by the hallway. She listens in horror as paramedics show up to take both Sean and Julian away. “I’m never going to let you back in this house,” Leanne says as she watches both men being carted away.

The Episode Review

Leanne makes her move and unfortunately, that leads to Dorothy and Leanne being all alone inside this big house. It’s clear that she has some sort of stranglehold over the house and given Uncle George’s comments before about Leanne controlling the Turner family, it seems he hasn’t been completely honest with Sean and the others. It’s now becoming increasingly clear that there’s no way Leanne is just an “ordinary girl” and she may well be this fallen angel we’ve been hearing about.

With Sean and Julian now gone from the house, it spells massive problems for Dorothy who has been left all alone with Leanne. With only a couple of episodes left, Servant looks set to end with a bang.

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