Servant – Season 4 Episode 3 “Séance” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Servant season 4 starts with our new house helpers – Roberta and Beverley – introducing themselves. They both rhyme their intros and while Julian and Sean clap in delight, Leanne is silent and distrusting. She obviously doesn’t like new arrivals in the house. “Dorothy has no idea what she’s done.” Leanne says to Julian in bed later, pointing out that the terrible twins are actually part of the cult.

Julian is not so sure and reassures her that he’s done his homework. There doesn’t appear to be anything about their past endeavours suggesting an attack is coming. Leanne is damn sure though and tells Julian he’s just not looking hard enough. She’s adamant there must be something in their past that will stand out.

In the morning, Leanne notices a teddy from the twins in Jericho’s crib. She takes it and throws it in the bin. As for her room, she finds the whole place completely renovated and changed, with the twins claiming that Leanne “needs an upgrade” via sticky notes. She’s spooked and not happy, especially when she notices another teddy in the crib.

Meanwhile, Julian notices a whole bunch of Amazon deliveries and takes it down to the twins at their abode. With the pair busy upstairs with Dorothy, trying to encourage her to stand up, Julian notices a wooden box under one of their beds. Inside happens to be… sex toys.

That night, Bobby and Beverley decide to do something “radical” to quell Sean’s concerns and help Dorothy. And that happens to be a séance. Leanne shows up late and listens in as Dorothy claims she needs some guidance. Bobby decides to become the “vessel” for what’s to come, with a variety of different items placed in the middle of the circle.

In typical Medium fashion, suitably vague statements are open to interpretation, with Bobby eventually turning to Julian and telling him it’s okay to forgive himself. Next, a more sinister vision comes through with a dark shadow moving about like an evil spirit, which is apparently tethered to the family and the house.

Leanne is adamant that these women are part of the cult and after placing a sacrificial knife in the middle of the circle, she heads over and rips the dress off Roberta…to discover nothing. There are no scars and it seems she’s not part of the cult.

As the episode closes out, Leanne has a bad dream about the house and when Dorothy awakens, she finds Leanne holding her while she sleeps by her bedside.

The Episode Review

Servant returns this week with a good episode, one that piles on the dread and delivers a chapter steeped in a good deal of mystery. While it seems these house-helpers are Actually okay, it wouldn’t surprise me if we find out the other woman is the real cultist.

It’s clear at this point that there’s some sort of malevolent spirit operating inside the house, as evidenced by that black spirit at the end of this chapter. However, quite what its purpose actually is and how it ties into the cult remains to be seen.

There’s enough here to like and compared to last week’s episode, is a much-improved dose of drama.

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