Servant – Season 3 Episode 7 “Camp” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Servant Season 3 starts with a montage for Sean’s cooking competition. It does well to show Sean’s cooking credentials and what his values are. In the wake of this though, Dorothy speaks to Julian and tells him to stop screwing Leanne. She also brings up the attack too, as well as her “postpartum fog” with not remembering key parts of the last year.

That afternoon, Dorothy starts going through Leanne’s things, including her journal which has numerous sketches of the family, Jericho, wasps and a strange man waling through flames. Some of the pictures are pretty disturbing, especially the one depicting Dorothy with her breasts leaking.

Leanne takes Jericho out to the park and, specifically, to the squatters. They all revel in Jericho’s gift but Dorothy notices from the upstairs window and comes storming out the house, grabbing Jericho and taking off. She believes that these people are dangerous but Leanne calmly tells her that everything is okay. She also scoffs as Dorothy’s incredulousness, claiming that she’s being controlling – just like a certain cult were.

Dorothy is determined to try and get rid of Leanne, and does so by carting her off to camp. Sean isn’t exactly happy, given Jericho loves Leanne, but he compromises and decides they’ll let her go but check in on Leanne when the program is over. “It’s only fair.” He says.

When Leanne leaves, standing on the porch, everything goes awry. Jericho’s cries sound around the house, the baby seemingly turns back into a doll and cracks appear in the basement. Dorothy is enraged and when Leanne heads back inside, she claims that Jericho is asleep in the nursery – and that he’s been there the whole time. And lo and behold that’s where he is, absolutely fine.

Something strange is happening with Leanne, and Sean realizes this now too. He decides that Leanne is going to stay, as he doesn’t want to lose his son again. He undermines Dorothy and offers Leanne all the time she needs. As Leanne whispers to Dorothy, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So it seems like Leanne is directly connected to Jericho, especially if that frantic, panic-inducing ending is anything to go by. It certainly brings up a very intriguing idea that Jericho and Leanne are connected, although it’s still unclear exactly how far this rabbit hole goes and the true extent of Leanne’s powers.

Either way though, everything here is left on a tantalizing cliffhanger as we turn to the business end of this season. The past few episodes have ben great actually, and after a rather slow start, everything has turned and become much more open and engaging. Quite what’s in store for our characters remains a mystery but one thing’s for sure, this conflict is far from over.

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