Servant – Season 3 Episode 6 “Fish” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Servant Season 3 starts with Sean praying. It’s quite the juxtaposition from what we’ve seen before as one of the best episodes of this season begins.

Leanne is even more erratic than usual, suffering from bad dreams and sleeping until noon. She doesn’t look well, and Dorothy is concerned when she heads up to see her. Dorothy is proud of her taking the first steps to normality, but of course she’s unaware of what actually happened during the block party.

Outside in the garden, Dorothy opens up about Sean’s newfound faith in God, as well as his new job hosting another cooking show. He’s pessimistic about the whole affair though, deciding not to take it. For now, Sean invites Nancy, the minister from the church, over for dinner. And that, obviously, doesn’t sit well with Leanne.

So what did happen to Leanne outside? Well, it turns out the couple actually caught up with her in the park, grabbing her round the throat and holding Leanne against the tree. They rasped, telling her they “know where she is now” and demanding she play ball.

When one of the squatters shows up at the back door, asking for Leanne, Dorothy’s concerns are only made worse. Not only that, she opens up the washing machine and finds Leanne’s blood-stained clothes inside.

Concerned, Dorothy cycles back through the CCTV footage, where she finds Leanne running away from the couple as they burst in the house.

The thing is, the squatters actually saved Leanne, killing the couple in front of her and preventing Leanne from being killed.

Dropping to their knees, the men and women there are now Leanne’s new followers. Now, it seems like they’re part of the cult but have become disillusioned and are now outsiders, spurred on by Leanne turning away from them and still surviving.

Dorothy takes Leanne aside and questions why she didn’t say anything after the party. Leanne uses the pretense that she was trying to keep them safe, but Dorothy starts spiraling, realizing the cult are after her. When she asks Leanne if she’s worried or scared, she nonchalantly shrugs it off, simply claiming she’s “not ready.”

At dinner, Dorothy starts probing Nancy over her ties with Sean, while Leanne’s leg shakes under the table. Dorothy’s memory is a blur, while Leanne starts lashing out. She calls out Nancy for specific secrets, talking about her past and how God won’t fix her.

It’s awkward and directly references the fact Nancy actually abused her mother in the past. Her mum had dementia at the time too, which makes it even worse.

Once Nancy runs away, Julian and Leanne end up smoking weed outside. Naturally, Leanne gets the munchies and ends up eating Pringles upstairs. Sean shows and asks how she knew about Nancy. Instead, she changes the subject and tells him to take the job, reinforcing that they’ll be fine there without him.

The Episode Review

Servant bows out with a creepy episode, one chock full of drama and plot development. Where has this show been for the past 4 episodes?!

Building on what last week’s chapter achieved, Servant starts to open up, delivering a really intriguing chapter that hints toward Leanne forming her own cult or at least an army of followers that will work to hit back against Aunt Josephine and her followers.

It’s taken a while to reach this point though, with a slow burn drama for the first few chapters. However, it finally looks like Servant is starting to move in the right direction. Let’s hope that continues over the weeks ahead.

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