Servant – Season 3 Episode 4 “Ring” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Servant Season 3 begins with Leanne worried about the squatters outside. With the house overlooking the park, she’s concerned. As they glance up at her, she shuts the blinds. Leanne has made it through the night and in the morning, she ends up exercising with Dorothy in the attic.

Meanwhile, a safety man arrives to assess their house for threats against Jericho. Leanne is adamant that she can do this herself and they don’t need to splash out but things are tense, to say the least.

When Dorothy heads to the station, intent to talk to her bosses about her job, Leanne is left with a single squatter at thee front door who wants to talk. A spooked Leanne hurriedly shuts the door though and locks it behind her.

Dorothy and Sean’s aspirations cause friction in the house. Sean promises Leanne a catering gig with her but Dorothy, having marched down to the station, has a big journalist gig and she’s leaving for the day.

It’s a live broadcast too but there will be a party afterwards. Leanne is not happy, reinforcing that Dorothy needs to look after Jericho more.

With Dorothy gone, Leanne is left with the safety guy as he starts baby-proofing the place. He also tries hitting on her too when he finds out she’s 18. Ugh.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the two chefs helping Sean cause even more drama. Sylvia is pretty horrible to Tobe, but in a watered down Gordon Ramsay sort of way. Leanne tries to convince Tobe to stand up for himself, while the increased level of stress becomes unbearable for Leanne.

As things hit fever pitch, Sylvia trips on the floor and knocks off her ring finger completely, which ends up in the sink dispenser. Tobe accidentally switches it on, turning the finger to mush…but also managing to retrieve the ring, so there is that.

That night, Julian heads over and urges them to turn on the TV. As the gang huddle together and watch a recorded broadcast, Dorothy’s breasts start leaking live on TV and as she hurries back home, Leanne is the first one to embrace her.

In private, Dorothy admits that there’s something strange going on. She believes the universe is conspiring against her but is it really just Leanne’s influence? Up in the attic, Leanne takes Sylvia’s ring and begins dancing in front of the mirror with it on.

Outside, the squatters gather in greater numbers and look up at the Turner household. Something big is going to happen…but we’re not going to find out yet.

The Episode Review

So Servant returns this week with another mysterious episode that drags out its main premise. Credit where it’s due though, this episode does nail down the feeling of being overwhelmed by stress so there is at least that going for this chapter. Beyond that, there’s really not a lot else going on.

It’s been the recurring theme here for most of the season and some of last season too, and the distinct lack of movement on the main plot line gives this horror an unfortunate glacial appeal.

There’s nothing particularly scary here, although if this pace doesn’t pick up and see some movement on the main story, another 10 full episodes of this is certainly a terrifying proposition! Until next week folks.

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