Servant – AppleTV+ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Servant Season 2 begins with a flashback as Sean brings in his coffee machine while Dorothy puts their child down to sleep. Unfortunately this tranquil bliss is short-lived as crying echoes down the stairs.

Back in the present, Uncle George returns and demands to see Leanne. Sean however, encourages him to sit down so they can talk this out like men.

Uncle suddenly blurts out that the house is rotten, and heads downstairs to investigate. “She caused this,” He says, believing Leanne is the one responsible. When he finds out Leanne has been kept there for a week, George suddenly starts praying while looking out the window. “It may not be too late to fix this.” He panics, heading up to see the girl.

A calm and collected Sean talks to George about Leanne. He’s determined to return Leanne but Sean wants to understand why she’s so special. It’s here George tells him that Leanne has a rebellious streak, evident since childhood, and often strays from their communal area. He claims that “they” are among them and have given a second chance at life to exact God’s divine plan.

Leanne was not following “his” rules, and Jericho was never supposed to be there in the first place. This is why they were taken. Sean is told to bring Leanne back and beg for forgiveness. That forgiveness, it seems, is related to Sean neglecting his son and deciding to become a judge on the talent show. If he can make things right, George promises to undo what Leanne has done to him, and essentially heal his afflictions.

After this ominous chat, Sean heads up to see Leanne and admits that he’s not sure what to believe now. While they talk, George happens to be concocting up a special cream for Sean.

That is, until he’s interrupted by Dorothy who tries to pay him off with £200,000. As he dumps it in the hole, George claims that Leanne is “spreading” and begins checking out the grave Leanne was originally kept in. He asks her to pray but Dorothy refuses to do so.

News breaks that shots have been fired at the Marino household and the body count is still unknown. Down in the basement meanwhile, George learns about Dorothy burying Leanne, and immediately tells Dorothy she has no chance of being reunited with her son now.

Insects crawl out the hole in the ground and swarm over the money as the family eventually gather in the living room and watch the news.

The Episode Review

So far, Servant Season 2 has been a pretty underwhelming follow-up, with very little plot development across the season. Aside from Leanne being kidnapped and held at the Turner household, there’s not been much going on here and certainly no definitive answers to any of the big mysteries.

There are, however, some vague clues surrounding who Uncle George and the rest of the cult are. Apparently they’re God’s messengers; makeshift angels if you will.

Whether this is actually true or just another cult delusion remains to be seen. In the meantime, the show delivers a pretty suspenseful episode and there’s no doubt that, much like the first season, the final few episodes seem to be progressing the plot forward the most. Has this really been worth the 6 week wait? Probably not. But it has been an enjoyable ride nonetheless.

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