Servant – AppleTV+ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Servant Season 2 begins in the past as we see a pregnant Dorothy issued a warning about moving about. She needs to keep rested and if she continues to get up and go for walks, she’s going to be taken into hospital.

Through the episode we see various different flashbacks involving Dorothy, including one that sees the fire alarm going off repeatedly. With Sean out the house, she crept downstairs to investigate but unfortunately slipped on the way down. It’s just as well she checked though, as she heads into the kitchen and finds a tea towel has caught alight on the counter. Just as she extinguishes the fire, Sean returns home.

Back in the present, Sean and Dorothy continue to go through different leads surrounding Leanne’s whereabouts. There’s a whole host of people to work through and Julian is currently on the ground scouting out a massive estate belonging to the Marino family. They’re churchgoers too so naturally Dorothy believes they may be suspicious and part of the cult.

When a food delivery truck shows up, the trio decide to try and work their way into the house by baking pizzas and forging an entire company going  by the name of Cheezus Crust.

With flyers handed out, they’re incredibly busy as the Marino household orders 20 cheese pizzas. They use Toby to pose as a delivery driver while both Dorothy and Sean watch live footage recorded from a camera on his jacket.

As he arrives with pizzas, wandering through the rooms, he stumbles upon Leanne who happens to be working inside the house. Dorothy is determined to burst in and grab her but Sean is not so sure that’s a good idea. He tells her they need to strategize, especially now that they’ve found where she is.

Back home, Julian receives another order – this time from Leanne personally, asking for a margherita pizza. Once again Toby is sent in, but this time Leanne tells him she’ll be leaving soon. She goes on to claim Dorothy is selfish and mean, which is the reason she couldn’t stay in the house any longer.

Unfortunately Dorothy happens to have drugged the pizza, which Leanne suddenly notices and collapses on the floor. Dorothy forces Toby to take her off mute, essentially blackmailing Toby into bringing Leanne back to their house. As Dorothy takes a bite of pizza, she shrugs and claims it tastes nice.

The Episode Review

Servant returns and this time the show doubles down on finding Leanne – which the family happen to do. It’s certainly a stroke of luck that she’s just up the road in the Marino household but perhaps that was always the point. We’ll have to wait and see whether that’s just dumb luck though.

The idea of involving the pizza company is a good one and the light bites of humour involving their busy Cheezus Crust company making pizzas for all the neighbours serves up a delicious slice of irony.

On top of that though, the series is just starting to kick it up a notch and with the next episode clocking in at 35 minutes – which is the longest of the bunch – could we be in for another twist in the tale? We’ll have to wait and see of course as Servant bows out with an episode that finally looks like it’s progressing with the plot.

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