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Episode 2 of Servant Season 2 begins with Julian waking up and expressing his concern for Dorothy. She’s lying on the sofa, watching a video of Leanne cradling Jericho. However, she’s interrupted by another package arriving of a baby spaceman outfit. It turns out Julian bought this for Jericho a while back. Given he’s no longer there, Julian puts it on the doll instead.

With Dorothy acting like a bit of a loose cannon, Julian wonders whether to concoct a fake ransom to try and channel her emotions. It seems like a good idea to him, especially given Dorothy’s continued obsession with the cult and getting Jericho back. In fact, she sits and watches videos on YouTube surrounding the cult.

With Melanie off sick at work, Dorothy is encouraged to head in to work. She jumps at the opportunity too, deciding it’s a perfect opportunity to address Jericho personally. If he’s watching TV or near one, thy could have some “Mummy” time. Don’t worry, Sean and Julian both think this is a little insane too.

When Dorothy leaves, Sean and Julian bring Roscoe inside where he admits he can’t remember much after the party. He did, however, record some audio which sees Leanne promise him he’s going to be okay while Roscoe weeps and sobs. Unfortunately Roscoe doesn’t remember any of this.

In order to get answers, they decide to try and hypnotize him using Natalie’s skills. With Roscoe hypnotized, he admits he was in a room and “they” tied his hands with something. He can smell something rotten too and apparently a shadowy figure is hiding behind the door.

Whoever it is, they apparently have a hook for a hand and in the distance a baby is crying. “He takes out the eyes and he throws them away,” Is the last thing Roscoe says, before he snaps back to the present.

It’s an ominous message and one that sees our characters reeling over what this means. Sean thanks Roscoe for his help, who in turn hopes he finds Jericho and heads home. After shutting the door, Sean glances at the news where Dorothy reaches out and asks the people of Philadelphia to try and find Leanne.

As the episode closes out, Sean receives a call from Leanne asking just why Dorothy is trying to find her. “Why haven’t you told her what she did?” Leanne demands, as Dorothy suddenly calls out from upstairs. The water shuts off and out in the street, ominous cracks appear on the road.

The Episode Review

After last week’s subdued episode, Servant gets back to drip-feeding us information surrounding the cult and Jericho’s whereabouts. Understanding more about Julian and why he’s so invested in finding Jericho is a nice touch too and certainly helps to give his character a bit more depth.

Meanwhile, Sean is pushed aside this time in favour of Roscoe and Julian who really take center stage in this chapter. The big talking point will undoubtedly be the segment at the end with Leanne ringing and asking about Dorothy.

Given how incredulous Dorothy’s plan actually is, the fact that it seems to have worked is testament to the fact that sometimes you need to have a bit of blind faith. Cleverly, this is actually one of the recurring themes of the show.

Given we’ve got 40 episodes of Servant in total to chew through, there’s a lot more spookiness to come. Until next week folks!

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