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Uncle George

I mentioned it before in our full season write-up to Servant but this is a show that really should have been released in one hit. As a binge-watch, the suspense-building episodes work well against the drip-fed mystery. As a weekly watch however, Servant suffers a worse fate than Watchmen, delivering episodes that do little to push the plot forward and ultimately frustrate fans anxious for answers. Thankfully, this week is one that does offer a few answers, albeit in an agonizingly slow manner.

The episode begins with Leanne receiving a letter through the post as Dorothy heads off to work. When she opens it, the letter reads “Found You!”. Not long after, a strange man arrives at the house with broken, water-logged shoes, and as Leanne tells him to take his shoes off, he heads upstairs and cradles Jericho.

Dorothy heads home from work and it’s here we learn the man is Uncle George, a presumed family member of Leanne’s. He hands over a gift for Jericho – a creepy doll made of elm that resembles Sean. After making dinner, Uncle George grabs Dorothy’s hand and starts saying grace as an unsettling atmosphere falls over the house.

As things turn nasty, Julian heads over to the house and tells George to leave. However, the baby monitor goes off as he berates him, prompting Dorothy to head off and feed Jericho. After an ominous warning to Julian regarding his role as an Uncle, Dorothy allows George to stay the night while Julian sleeps on the couch to make sure the family are safe.

In the middle of the night, he’s awoken by a strange noise and begins searching the house. It’s here he finds George missing from his room. After awakening Dorothy, they find him asleep in Jericho’s crib, while the baby is left on the floor.

In the morning, Julian awakens to an empty crib and heads downstairs for breakfast as the camera spins artistically around the table as George says grace. With the rain cleared up, Dorothy offers George a new pair of shoes while Leanne tells him she’s staying behind. Unhappy with her decision, George ominously mentions bringing Aunt May instead, knowing Leanne can’t say no to her.

As the episode closes out, Sean returns home where Dorothy tells him she’s going to baptize the child. Hanging above the crib however, is the elm figure of Sean. Outside however, George stands on the street, staring up at Leanne menacingly.

Along with some great scene composition throughout, Servant delivers a little bit more plot progression throughout, introducing the weird and creepy Uncle George. There are some pretty tense moments here and trust me when I say this isn’t the last we’ve seen from him this season. Slowly but surely the pieces of this puzzle are coming together and although this one does, admittedly, end on a cliffhanger, the show itself does well to keep its mystery intact throughout.


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  1. Good spot, I’ve just corrected that. Not quite sure what happened there as it’s definitely just Uncle George! Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it Rick!

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