Servant – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Lobster Ice Cream

Who is Leanne Grayson? It’s a question that’s weighed heavily on the minds of eager fans desperate to get some conclusive answers to what’s happening this season. The deliciously twisted horror Servant returns on Apple+ this week to find these same questions weighing heavily on Sean’s mind too. Before we get there though, we flash back momentarily to see a happy and pregnant Dorothy while the camera cleverly swings around, seamlessly jumping back to present time.

While Sean prepares to cook lobster ice-cream, Leanne tends to Jericho. As day turns to night, Sean heads upstairs and sneaks between the walls, bugging a teddy bear in a bid to spy on Leanne and find out what she may be hiding.

In the middle of the night, a restless Sean awakens and watches the camera footage from Leanne’s room but finds nothing. In the morning, Leanne waits for Dorothy with Jericho in his car seat by the front door until Sean arrives and tells her he’s not leaving.

Julian returns to the house with a bottle of red wine and sits down with Sean, pitching to him his idea of what happened with Jericho. He believes Leanne smuggled the baby in via her suitcase. However, this holds no weight or proof and after drinking a little more, Julian leaves. Meanwhile Dorothy and Leanne watch the news broadcast for her first live show.

Leanne tries the lobster ice-cream Sean made earlier in the episode and as she begins talking to Sean, we learn Jericho wasn’t actually his first-choice name for the child. Just as things look set to take a dramatic turn, Leanne suddenly mentions chocolate sauce, distracting Sean completely with her credible idea to complement and complete his dish.

Just before she leaves, Sean asks why she chose to stay with them. Staring him in the face, she tells him she knew she’d be happy at their house. As Sean heads back to bed, Leanne sneaks back downstairs and watches a video from March 11th; a pageant competition with a young girl called Leanne… the same Leanne as the one staying in this house? Was this all planned from the beginning?

With little in the way of plot development this time around though, Servant instead moves its story along fractionally whilst layering its foundations with a lot more questions and mystery surrounding Leanne Grayson.

While the ending does well to keep things interesting, the rest of the episode really doesn’t feature much in the way of progression. There’s a distinct lack of outright tension and suspense this time too and the more impatient fans may be left a little frustrated by this. Quite what next week will bring however, remains to be seen.


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