Servant – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Who Is Leanne Grayson?

Servant bows out its trio of episodes available today with another strong slice of horror, one that ends on an almighty cliffhanger ready for next week. There’s some unsettling imagery this time around too, especially during some of the food prep segments, and the unsettling atmosphere continues through this episode.

We begin with Sean waking up in the middle of the night and heading outside, where he speaks to a private investigator in Julian’s car. They’ve found nothing; Leanne has no social media profile and seemingly no online presence. Sean hurries back inside to find Leanne’s resume, which has a photo of her attached to the front, in a bid to show around her home town. Only, when he sifts through the pile it’s nowhere to be seen. Instead, he snaps a photo of her while she’s sleeping.

In the morning, Leanne watches in horror before passing out as Sean and Toby pry open an eel and prepare their food. Midway through prep-work, Julian video-calls through, showing Sean he’s arrived at the Grayson house. Here, he sees first-hand that the house has been completely burnt down. On the wall is the familiar wicca cross from before, completely untouched and with no scorch marks around it.

Still reeling over what he saw, Sean pays Toby to stick around at the house and he ends up having a drink with Leanne, while Dorothy and Sean head out for a romantic dinner together. As Toby and Leanne sit down together, Julian arrives at the house and locks Toby out, as he turns off the record player and sits with Leanne, drinking. As things start to become a bit more intense between them, Sean and Dorothy return home.

Away from Dorothy and Leanne, Julian shows Sean a video from his trip depicting three gravestones – including one that says Leanne Grayson. Whoever is in their house is not Leanne.

Who is Leanne Grayson? And who have the Turners invited into their house? These are big questions hanging over the series and across the weeks, these questions are answered, although it does take a while to get to that point. For now though, Servant bows out with another strong episode, one that adds an air of unsettling suspense over the series to come.


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