Semantics – Paint Me Blue | Album Review

Track List

Get in the Car
This Love Could Kill You
Lighter Glow
Didn’t Wanna Hurt You
Embrace Monotony
Sad Songs
Last Time
Still Alive

Punk thrills occupy the mind and the heart here. Semantics play fast and hard, with no let-up or drop into obscurity. With so much energy, and with so much courageousness embedded, the band have no chance of falling flat but their poetry describes alienation and broken dreams. It isn’t just an undercurrent, it is pivotal to this band’s progression. They’re not the type of act to walk away from their muse, and their emotions are rooted down to the core. Paint Me Blue is their straggly album; their record that generates truth.

Those fuzzy guitar strokes make for a euphoric listen. The band knows how to play their instruments well, and in fact, they know how to write inventive lyrics, too. Love doesn’t gain momentum here, it loses its control and its influence – and the band know this.

Paint Me Blue isn’t only about love being put in a stranglehold though, it’s about dramatic meetings in the rain and posted notes detailing anarchy. And the sound isn’t pretty, it’s rough around the edges and inspiring.

There are 10 songs to consider on Paint Me Blue. ‘This Love Could Kill You’ epitomizes honest song-writing. The bashful instrumentals add stability and range, and the concept of losing yourself becomes apparent. It’s a raucous song, fueling the flame. ‘Embrace Monotony’ begins with a straight-edged riff and it portrays death and the inevitability of it. It’s also an angry track, fed on bittersweet lyricism.

‘Sad Songs’ is a ballad and it takes us into a different, straining world, one where alcohol has no way of saving the protagonist. It’s a morose song, stirring the emotions and blurring the lights.

Ultimately, Paint Me Blue is an unconventional punk album that spearheads emotional twists and turns, providing us with a story and including riffs aplenty.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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