Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 6 Recap & Review

It’s Not the Size of the Listing…

Episode 6 of Selling Sunset season 7 is short but not so sweet come episodes end. We open with a look at the massive ten million-dollar home that Chelsea needs to sell. It’s vast and big, and old and renovated, it seems. Many people show up at the open house to scope it out. Some of the other agents show up and check it out. As Nicole shows up and opens her mouth about her opinion of the house, you immediately hear the disdain in the voices of the others when she talks, and they need to respond. 

While all this is happening, Bre is hustling to sell her 5.5 million-dollar house and prove that she can get even something at this price point sold. But as we cut back and forth between Chelsea and Bre’s open house, we see Chelsea seems to have found a potential buyer for the mansion. 

A nice moment in the episode is when Chrishell decides to hire Amanza to help do some interior design on Chrishell’s partner’s music studio. What starts with some cool knowledge spilled on interior design and the art of making a space pop turns into a jam session when Amanza picks up a guitar and tries to sing.

Nicole and Mary link up for lunch. Mary has tried to stay off the radar of the drama in the office. But occasionally, you can’t help but be drawn back into it. Nicole mentions the incident where Chrishell showed up to work at the house Nicole was having staged for her. Chrishell apologized, but Nicole didn’t, and it is there that she and Mary come to an agreement that Nicole maybe should have said something there but didn’t.

We revisit celebrity guest Nikki Glaser, whom Chrishell is showing a house to. Like it was on the last segment she was on, Nikki cracks jokes, mentions she can’t cook, so the kitchen means nothing to her, and how she’s definitely going to annoy her neighbors. We never know if she actually buys the house that Chrishell shows her.

On a somber note, we learn in the final scene that Mary and Romain lost their baby. They went to the doctor one day, and they could not find the heartbeat. Amanza comes over and shows compassion for Mary and Romain at this time. It’s a sad thing for anyone who has ever lived through it, and it’s sad because we have seen Mary on this journey for awhile.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 glosses over a lot and has nothing really confrontational with the ladies of the Oppenheim group. But its ending sets an emotional arc for Mary going forward. In the episodes to come, she clearly takes a step back from the main focus of the show. And maybe now that Nicole realizes that she missed a chance to apologize to Chrishell, she could find a way to make up for it.

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