Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Setting The Stage For Disaster

Episode 5 of Selling Sunset season 7 kicks off with great news: Heather had the baby. Heather’s screen time was very limited this season due to her preparation to go give birth to her son. It gets announced in the episode’s first scene, by Bre, that Heather gave birth the other day.

After the enjoyment of the news about Heather settles, Jason brings up some news about some listings that are going to be given out to some of the ladies in the office. Jason gives Nicole a listing that is actually Chrishell’s, and since Chrishell is home recovering from surgery, Nicole will do all the work on the home until Chrishell gets back. Tension fills┬áthe air. Apparently, this is how the two’s feud began years ago. But Nicole agrees to it, and it is confirmed that she will be compensated for her time despite the fact that it isn’t her sale to make. Yet, there is still a chance that all this could go south based on Nicole and Chrishell’s tense history.

Brett and Jason also hand out listings to Chelsea and Bre. Chelsea receives a 10 million-dollar listing off of the famous Los Angeles road, Mulholland Drive. Bre, on the other hand, gets a 5.5 million-dollar listing and gets a little envious of Chelsea’s. Bre has a chip on her shoulder, and she also can’t stand Chelsea. So therefore, she gets a little disgruntled about things. Bre gripes about the listing to Brett; he rebuttals by reminding her that she’s had a slow start at the brokerage and still needs to prove herself a bit.

Emma and Chelsea visit Chrishell at home while she’s recovering. The gang rehashes the drama and the divisions within the group. They also notify her that she is somewhat sharing a listing with Nicole, which obviously Chrishell is not happy about.

It has been awhile since Amanza has shown a house, but she does on this episode. A friend who is a successful motivational speaker comes by with a listing to look at in the valley. But rather than showing interest, he ends up having a heart to heart with what she has been going through at work as of late.

Brett and Jason show a few of the girls a house that is worth a whopping 59 million dollars in the Hollywood Hills. After the lavish look at it, we cut to a scene where Bre pulls Brett to the side. Bre expresses how she was not pleased with Brett telling her that she had a slow start. In fact, despite bringing in clients, she has indeed had a slow start. Brett basically challenges her to bring that kind of energy into selling the house, and then we can talk about moving things along to bigger deals. Like, a five-million-dollar house isn’t a big deal anyway.

Amanza and Chelsea have a talk at the bar and defuse the tension from the last time they were in the same setting. They both gave one another an apology about their tone the last time. Amanza opens up about how she likes to take care of everyone like family, hence why she was trying to facilitate the drama in the office because they’re all her family. She never had much family growing up. She brings up the fact that she was molested when she was younger. It’s a tough conversation that’s been had on screen, and you can see the empathy grow in Chelsea as she hears it.

The episode ends with Chrishell trying to sell the house, but Nicole is working on getting it ready. Nicole works with the staging crew of the home to prepare a style and aesthetic for the home based on the furniture and decor that is being used around the place.

As Jason talks with Nicole about the house and how the deal is going to be hashed out with her end of working on this listing, Chrishell shows up. Jason utilizes the opportunity to see if the two can maybe make amends at this moment.

Chrishell apologizes for how she spoke to Nicole back at Chelsea’s party. Nicole thanks her for it, but then asks Jason if there is anything else she needs to do now that Chrishell is clearly back at work. Jason replies with a simple no, so Nicole leaves, thinking her job is done then.

The Episode Review

Nicole clearly has an opportunity to mend some fences with Chrishell, but she doesn’t, so she just leaves. She is very frustrated and underappreciated by her boss at the listing. You kind of sympathize with her, but she has also made her bed and is lying in it.

The Bre and Chelsea issue is heating up now in the world of competitive sales with their respective homes that they need to sell. It’s nice to see arguably the two most competitive women in the office go toe to toe, and now maybe Bre can be more barky than bitey in terms of how good she is at selling houses.

She really hasn’t closed on anything since she arrived last season. The rivalry is an arc that ends up having a big payoff come end-of-season time.

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