Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Namaste Out of Everyone’s Business

We open episode 4 of Selling Sunset season 7 still at the Oppenheim 10th anniversary party. With twelve episodes this season, this one feels like the culmination of the first act. It kicks off without missing a beat.

The Bre and Chelsea feud needs to be readdressed. Chelsea, who hails from a complex yet conservative background, disagrees with Bre’s choice to have Nick Cannon’s baby. If anyone knows about how many children Nick Cannon has fathered from many different women, you can see where the life choices clash between Bre and Chelsea.

The episode opens up with Chelsea calling out Bre to have a little chat about where they’re at. Meanwhile, the other women share a “she said this” debate. Bre and Chelsea go to a secluded space, and Chelsea apologizes for her opinions of her. It is a somewhat arrogant apology that Bre doesn’t seem to take initially, but she does not discredit it.It may be the best form of apology she’ll get from Chelsea.

However, Chelsea also clears up the rumors of her being a messenger, and the other women agree with her take on Bre’s child and the boy’s father. She seems to believe most of the women once agreed with how they felt about Bre but then got to know her and changed their point of view. As for the two of them, they get past getting off on the wrong foot.

In the following scene, Brett and Jason show off the new under-construction office space that is actually next door to the old Los Angeles office. Mary and Romain show up and casually drop a little nugget of information about Mary being pregnant. The whole place erupts with joy for her, as they all know the road she has taken to have a child.

Amanza and Chelsea get a drink together, but it isn’t a friendly one. Chelsea calls out Amanza on her micromanagement of the groups disputes and says that her plan to be the bigger person has backfired. It seems Chelsea being the messenger was made up in her mind, and Chelsea calls her on it.

The meeting is tense, and it feels like although Amanza’s heart may have been in the right place, her head was not.

Mary and Amanza are due for a yoga session. It’s a form of therapy for both; with Mary now pregnant, it’s good for the body, and with┬áthe target on Amanza’s back, it’s more of a mental cleanse for her. The two bond over having to manage all the drama in the office.

Amanza decides to just let their issues with one another be what they are, and she isn’t getting involved. Mary is somewhat in agreement on all that because she once was the office manager, and taking care of the issues amongst everyone used to be her job, and it was almost the death of her last season. While this is happening, Emma and Chelsea have lunch together and seem to form a bit of an alliance against Amanza.

To end the episode, we’re back on the new office construction site. Brett and Jason collide in a difference of opinion on this new office idea. The bill is racking up with Jason’s dream office, and Brett is trying to play things more conservative with the price due to inflation.

He also feels his brother is asking too much of the team right now just so it can pay for this place. The two parties are not on good terms after the argument. And you can’t help but think that maybe Jason has bit off more than he could chew as of late.

The Episode Review

Jason and Brett have gone from being just the bosses in the background of the show, who are only around when the real estate side of the show is highlighted, to becoming full-on characters now. Jason is more so than Brett, but Brett is making a comeback this season with a bit of a character arc. It’s nice to see.

Amanza turning from the hero of the show to just another victim of workplace drama is what we would expect to see. There have always been tempers flaring and drama escalating on Selling Sunset, but the producers of the show sure have mastered the art of escalating things to a new level every season.

Most shows of this nature get corny by this point but with Sunset, you want to keep clicking on “Next Episode” every time the show ends!

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