Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Selling Sunset season 7 kicks off with us revisiting Chrishell’s physical pain from the previous episode. It is met with Amanza and her making amends for her storming off at the end of the last chapter. Chrishell has a cyst on her ovary the size of an orange, and it is causing her a lot of pain. It isn’t cancerous but must be removed.

From time to time on the show, a celebrity makes an appearance as a potential buyer for a home. We’ve seen NBA players and Marvel movie stars make appearances on Selling Sunset. This season, we have comedian Nikki Glaser. She is house hunting in Hollywood, specifically close to the comedy clubs on the Sunset Strip. She shows up in the office and entertains, almost as if she is also being paid by Netflix to practice some material of hers in the scene.

Amanza and Bre team up on a house in the hills because Amanza may have an interested client in the house that Bre is trying to sell. As usual, the scenes with the houses start with exploring it all like an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and end with bringing some of the subplots of the show back center stage. Amanza and Bre end up sitting down to talk about where Bre and Chelsea stand on things ever since Chelsea showed disapproval towards how Bre lives her life as one of Nick Cannon’s many baby mommas last season.

What happens in their discussion propels the plot forward, with more people cringing at the idea that Bre is raising a son with a father who is in charge of a lot of different babies from different women. Amanza mentions that Chelsea has stated that she is more than just the messenger of what others in the office think of Bre. The two narrow it down to who she really is as the messenger for, and it hints at it potentially being Emma and Chrishell.

To talk real estate for a moment, there is a fun tidbit of information in this episode that has to do with the market in Los Angeles at the time. The mansion tax went into effect in April of this year in Los Angeles. What that means is that houses that cost more than five million dollars got a 4% charge on all real estate sales, both commercial and residential.

One of Emma’s listings had been sitting on the market for months and had yet to be sold. When this episode was being filmed, it must have been February of this year, because she had two months to sell this property. And if she couldn’t do that in time, the owner would take a seven hundred thousand dollar hit on the sale if it sold after the bill passed. No lower or middle-class people felt any remorse for the homeowner or Emma while watching that scene, most likely.

Chrishell sits down with Mary Lou to discuss their mishaps and miscommunication with one another. Mary Lou says her side of things, and Chrishell rebuttals, not understanding why she is defensive. She is trying to give her and Jason her space and move on with her life. Mary Lou just seems to feel like Chrishell just doesn’t like her in the least bit.

The conversation turns heated as both try to make their point to one another, but neither point seems to be landing. Chrishell’s maturity turns from polite to talking down to Mary Lou. She also corrects Mary Lou when she gets her partner’s pronouns wrong because “G” is non-binary. No resolution is reached, and Chrishell ends up leaving the sit-down meeting.

We cap the episode off with the 10-year Oppenhiem anniversary dinner. At this point, most of the women in the office seem to be at odds with at least someone. Chrishell is absent due to her health scare and an impending surgery. Amanza seems to try and play peacekeeper once dirty laundry is aired, and it backfires. Bre begins to believe that Amanza is stirring the pot with Chelsea being the messenger and not knowing who she was the messenger for.

All of this is happening at a work dinner, by the way. A dinner that also has a few agents from down in Orange County who are on the other show, Selling OC. As the tempers start to flare, Jason steps in and announces some news: The Oppenheimer Group is opening a brand new office in Los Angeles.

It’s a new, outlandish-looking office next to the old one. And as other firms are firing and laying off people, they are expanding, so in return, Jason and Brett don’t need to fire or lay anyone off; the team needs to work harder. When questions are asked about why they would do this in this kind of economy, Jason responds by saying the team just needs to hustle more now.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 is perfect because it takes all the petty drama these girls have with one another and just makes it worse with Jason’s announcement. It’s a sign that maybe this team of agents needs to cut the crap and focus on work because inflation is getting worse, which means selling is going to get harder.

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