Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Mean Girl Sh*t

Episode 2 of Selling Sunset starts with what seems to be the fallout from Chelsea’s birthday party. As Amanza tried to play peacemaker between Emma and Nicole, she ends up leaning more towards Emma since Nicole won’t apologize for her comments.

We open on a scene that bounces back and forth between Nicole and her husband and Amanza sitting down with Mary, Jason, Brett, and Mary Lou, discussing the situation that happened and how Nicole’s husband texted Amanza, saying, “F*ck you”.

Nicole clearly seems to be having mental health issues as we cut back and forth between the two scenes. She’s expressing her issues with the other girls and how it makes her feel. She can’t enjoy herself at work anymore, and she lashes out when maybe she shouldn’t. Jason and Brett seem to be aware of her mental health problems, and then Chrishell is brought into question.

She came in and attacked Nicole, adding fuel to the fire of the altercation. Mary Lou speaks up and mentions that Chrishell isn’t very nice to her. It seems like she just seems nice to her when Jason is around. It’s “mean girl sh*t,” she says. Maybe Chrishell has been getting away with crossing lines as of late.

We get a farewell of sorts, for the time being, as Heather takes her maternity leave. On the real estate end of the show, Brett shows Amanza and Chelsea the million-dollar apartment that was under construction last season. It’s a high-rise spot where you can see all of Hollywood. Then, of course, after this is all shown, Amanza and Chelsea tell one another that they need to be the bigger ones in the group and try to defuse the drama. Nicole’s mental health is brought up again, and Amanza realizes that she needs to reach out to her.

Chrishell comes into the office one morning, and Jason is alone, making coffee. A 8.5 million-dollar listing is given to her in Malibu. There is a lot of excitement over it. It’s also here that Jason confronts Chrishell about Mary-Lou’s comments about her. Chrishell low-key acts as if she doesn’t need this kind of drama at this moment but agrees to kind of work things out with Mary Lou.

Amanza and Nicole do lunch, and Nicole explains herself a bit and apologizes for her husband’s text. She does say to Amanza that her “social climber” comment about Emma was wrong and she should have just not said anything. Amanza does mention that she was a little too aggressive with Nicole during the whole altercation, and she deserved more transparency. Nicole feels overwhelmed, like the drama in the office just needs to stop. Amanza seems to agree as well; this all links up with how Chelsea felt earlier when they talked at the apartment.

To cap off the episode, Amazon, Chrishell, Chelsea, and Emma all meet Jason at a lavish eccentric house in the Hollywood Hills. It’s the famous house made by James Goldstein. It’s been used in movies and has been on display for many years. Jason announces that the Oppenheim 10th anniversary dinner will be held at this place. Chrishell steps away from the tour of her house because she is in physical pain for reasons we don’t seem to fully understand yet.

She later returns, as the four ladies are all hanging out on the ledge of one of the famous houses. Amanza takes initiative and brings up the idea that we need a clean slate of drama in the office. Emma jokes about it a bit, and Amanza shuts it down and proves how serious she is. This angers Chrishell due to her feeling annoyed with the whole Nicole situation, and she storms off the set.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 kind of just carries the drama from the season premiere but never escalates it. As a matter of fact, it’s devoted to Amanza playing mom and trying to defuse the issue a bit. But it does set up for some eventful things that are yet to come. Chrishell needs to sit down with Mary Lou and hear her out.

There will be a 10-year anniversary dinner for the brokerage soon, and eventually, Nicole and Chrishell are going to have to play nice again in the office.

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