Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Real Estate Apocalypse

Selling Sunset has returned with Season 7 this weekend. With 12 loaded episodes that bring the drama from the previous season over, things are bound to heat up, and we’re not talking about the Los Angeles real estate market!

In true fashion to how the seasons have strung together, Selling Sunset picks up very close to where its previous season ended. We open on Chrishell in Australia. She took some time off to go travel with her partner, G-Flip, who was on tour with their band. Chrishell had mentioned she needed her distance from the group at the end of season 6, specifically from her good friend, Mary. She met up with Jason, Brett, and Jason’s girlfriend (post-dating Chrishell), Mary Lou.

The intro to the episode opens up the season as the team plots their return to Los Angeles and what baggage will come with it.

One great piece of news to kick off the season is that Mary and Romain received some good news. Mary was five days late on her period; she had her eggs frozen in an earlier season when she and Romain had talked about starting a family. Mary had known the deck was stacked against her with her biological clock. She takes a pregnancy test and learns that she and Romain have indeed conceived a child.

Mid-episode, we learn that Chelsea is going to be having a 30th birthday bash. Thus setting up for where the episode will most likely have its big dramatic moment that leads us to click “next episode” when the credits roll on it.

Prior to all of this drama heating up, we do get a nice, heartfelt segment of besties Bre and Heather hanging out. Bre has brought her son over to hang out with Heather. Bre’s son is, of course, Nick Cannon’s child. It’s a nice moment where Bre gives a lot of assurance to Heather as she preps to go on maternity leave to have her child.

A dramatic moment comes into the show when we learn that Nicole, who was at the center of the workplace drama last season, apparently called Emma a social climber. This was all discussed on a dinner date with Emma, Chrishell, Amanda, and Bre. And thus, when the time came at Chelsea’s birthday party to confront Nicole, Emma went for it.

Nicole is a character who seems slightly tragic; she can’t compose herself in an argument with the other ladies of the office. She talks a lot with her hands; she may be two-faced, but then again, hurt people, hurt people. Thus brings in the fact that last season, when being called a crackhead by Chrishell broke her down to tears, you can’t help but wonder what trauma Nicole may have in her past. However, Emma could not give a damn, frankly. She confronts Nicole, and Nicole owns up to it because they can’t stand one another. But as always, a one-on-one verbal confrontation turns into a gang-up on Nicole.

Amanza walks over to be neutral and try to work through the issue. Chrishell walks over to back up Emma. At this moment, you can’t help but wonder if this is about to turn into the Real Housewives of New Jersey and if fists are about to start flying. The bad blood boils in this scene, and no amends have been made. Nicole is once again forced to leave the party due to the blowback about her comments about Emma.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 is a solid opener to the seventh season of a show that doesn’t let up. Another thing woven in and out of the drama of it all is an actual look at the real estate market during inflation. Los Angeles is already a pricy town so seeing it get even pricier is kind of interesting.

It also sets up the drama that will unfold in the season and who the real villains may actually be. There is always a snake in the grass on Selling Sunset. And by the time we get the full season preview at the end of episode one, you wonder if Chrishell, of all people, may be on the wrong side of Karma.

Her squeaky, clean, and lovely image is in question, it seems, in the coming episodes. And the chemistry between her and Jason is still very apparent; does this make Jason’s new lady, Mary-Lou, upset? Nicole’s comments about Chrishell are actually kind of true, despite some of her lackluster argumentative skills.

There also seems to be a bit of a merge between the Selling OC and the Selling Sunset team. Some of the characters seem to be making an appearance on the show soon. All in all, it looks like things are heating up, and rather than a focus on hustling to sell houses, it’s more of a focus on each other’s personal problems.


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