Selling Sunset – Season 7 Episode 11 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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For most of the season, the crew at the Oppenheim Group did not get along at all. The room was divided all year. Yes, we see that every season on the show, but this one felt like nobody was really on the right page for all 11 episodes. So eventually, they needed to make up at some point. Or at least make it seem like they didn’t want to come back for the next go-around with the show!

Do G and Chrishell get married?

Selling Sunset ends with a season finale that leaves a few things up in the air.¬†First up, G and Chrishell end up getting married. We don’t see the wedding in Vegas, but we see Chrishell rocking a diamond on the ring finger. Supposedly, production missed out on filming this because it was actually done between seasons rather than during the show. Kind of a continuity error there, but this is a loosely scripted reality show anyway.

What happens with Bre?

Bre feels like she deserves more. And she announces she wants a different split between an agent and a brokerage firm in terms of sales. Jason disagrees with Bre’s proposal because nobody in the building gets a special kind of split. Bre makes it seem like it is this or she is quitting. We see this in her storming out of the office after her proposal is rejected.

We don’t see Bre again until the grand opening party of the new Los Angeles office. Jason has been a pivotal part of this season, as he is at the center of the drama with Chrishell and Marie Lou. All the while taking a big swing at the market during turbulent times. He’s at the center of the party, but around it is a lot of drama and resolutions.

Amanza and Chrishell, at long last, sit down and talk about their mishap. It’s actually a nice thing to see; their feud always felt like a misunderstanding of their character. Amanza wanted to have everyone together as a team, and Chrishell needed space from the team all season for relatable reasons. The two women bury their hatchets they’ve had over the last few episodes.

How does Selling Sunset season 7 end?

At long last, Cassandra has arrived at the party. She is greeted by Chelsea and then brought over to talk to Bre. On the surface, Chelsea is trying to have them work out the grievances between the two of them, but Bre is not having it.

Cassandra imposes her polite persona in a very overwhelming way, letting Bre know that she is not a nice person, and that has been heard from many reliable sources of hers. Bre barks back with some insults towards Cassandra’s approach. It seems like Bre is about to throw some hands at Cassandra, but then gets up and storms out.

A hot mic catches her saying “F*ck this place and F*ck this show”, She takes her mic off and storms out.

The Episode Review

Selling houses took a back seat and focused more on a crumbling group of agents who needed to rise up and sell more in a tough economy. It started with brutal attacks between old rivals and ended with, well, brutal attacks by soon-to-be rivals. In the middle, there was Mary’s tragedy of losing a baby. Chrishell’s health scare, and Heather leaving on maternity leave. A lot of real-life moments are happening this season to parallel the drama in the office.

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