Selena: The Series – Part 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

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With an upcoming Selena Tour scheduled, episode 9 of Selena: The Series part 1 begins with crowds gathering outside a theatre to see Selena herself in the flesh. Inside though, the place is rocking and Selena has the entire place jumping… until a fight breaks out in the crowd.

With people trying to grab Selena, she’s eventually taken outside after hitting the guy who grabbed her. Given the lack of crowd control, AB is obviously furious but Abraham tells the girls to stay upstairs while they pack the van.

Chris comes to check on Selena and Suzette now knows what’s going on. The secret spills and she reveals to her sister that she’s in love with Chris. Even worse, Suzette learns that AB also knows and was the first to find out.

Suzette immediately confronts her brother about this but he sticks up for Selena, telling her that they can still have a life while working on the road. Suzette however is worried that all of this will blow up in their faces.

Meanwhile, Pete pulls out of the band on the back of a potential solo career. Abraham is proud of him and wishes the boy all the luck in the future. However, he also has to break the news to AB himself. He’s not the only one who breaks news – Suzette’s love interest Bill rings and asks for Abraham’s permission to take his daughter out for a date. Believe it or not, he actually says yes!

Selena is happy for her sister but of course that also brings her own situation into view. On top of that, Marcella is worried about the incident at Eagle Pass. They need to get their security in check and on top of that, fan mail is pouring in and they don’t have the manpower to handle it all.

Eventually Marcella convinces her husband to do everything he can to keep their daughter safe. This comes in the form of a bodyguard called David to stay by her side. Only, this could cause problems if Selena wants some alone time with Chris.

Things are only made worse when Abraham tasks Suzette with bringing a woman named Yolanda Saldivar on-board. Of course, for those who know their history this woman is bad news. Anyway, she agrees to take on Selena’s fan club for free and decides to put on a monthly newsletter while charging a small subscriber fee.

Meanwhile, Chris and Selena continue to struggle with their feelings for each other. It’s only made worse by David constantly over their shoulder. Eventually though, Chris professes his love for Selena.

Elsewhere, Abraham speaks to AB about their band and, in particular, a platinum hit that’s going to go big. It’s a lot of pressure on AB and it looks to be getting to him too – a constant motif in this first part.

With everything looking set to blow up in his face, Pete shows up and breaks the news that he’s leaving the group. Unfortunately this happens to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, as AB he leaves the apartment and struggles to control his emotions.

Sensing that everything is coming unraveled, he confronts Selena about her situation with Chris, warning that everything is going to come undone because of her.

After a long shower, AB comes up with the killer chord structure they need for their platinum hit and unveils it to the team. Could this be what they need? Anyway, Chris and Selena continue to celebrate what’s happened but Selena reflects that despite soaring like a butterfly, what she really loves is still in the caterpillar she once was.

As Chris kisses her, the door on the bus swings open and Abraham immediately stops the bus at a diner. He pays off Chris, leaving him by the side of the road, as all the explosive familial issues come pouring out. As Chris is left to watch the bus drive off, this first part ends with Selena heartbroken and watching Chris longingly.

The Episode Review

Selena: The Series ends its first part with a pretty decent, dramatic episode as everything comes out in the open and the secret relationship isn’t so secret any more. Poor Selena has been told what to do her whole life and now everything seems to be coming undone in the worst possible way. How will she react to this? Will anything ever be the same for her?

We’ll have to wait and see of course but now that Yolanda is in the picture, I’d imagine this second half will be far more darker as we gear up toward the inevitable end to this story. Of course, for those unaware of what happens I won’t spoil that here but suffice to say, it’s a pretty dramatic story.

This first part ends with lots of unresolved plot points and plenty of drama to carry over. Given how much emphasis was placed on the various family members this time around, hopefully the second part will bring a more narrowed focus to Selena and what’s going on with her. For now though, this first part ends with a pretty good episode.

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