See You In My 19th Life – Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The One Who Tied The Knot Must Untie It

See You in My 19th Life episode 12  picks up where we left off, with Su sealing her reincarnation fate and vowing to avenge her sister’s death. After making that proclamation she dies, and Master Cheon-un (Min-ki) pries the shaman bells from her dead hands. He leaves Master Han-ya behind to die by Su’s side. 

After reliving what happened, Ji-eum drops the shaman bells and understands she’s bound herself out of rage. Seo-ha is by her side, comforting her. She apologises for hurting him before and accusing him of killing her sister in her past life.

Seo-ha is shocked by the sweet apology and tries to guess his role in her first life but doesn’t ask any questions. He tells Ji-eum he is not curious about that life. Ji-eum gives him a back hug and informs him she must meet someone.

Elsewhere, Do-hyun keeps thinking about Ji-eum’s words and Cho-won. He realizes he has hurt her before but cares deeply for her. He waits for her to return to the office, but she is at the swimming pool, struggling to text him goodbye or confess her feelings.

She is startled when he suddenly shows up and offers her an umbrella, just like when they first met. In shock, she accidentally sends him a message confessing her feeling but warns him not to read it. He then hands over his phone and allows her to delete it. 

After deleting the message, Cho-won gives him a bouquet of flowers and thanks him for everything. She says it will be her last gift to him as she is ready to let him go and move on. Do-hyun stops her from leaving and confesses his feelings. He asks if she will be okay with people gossiping about them, and Cho-won says she doesn’t care. She only cares about him, and they embrace; he promises he won’t let her go. 

What happens to Do-Hyun and Cho-won?

Once they get together, the pair continue to date and enjoy being in love. Seo-ha is proud that Do-hyun let go of his fears, and by the end of the episode, they look happy and more in love than ever. 

Does Ji-eum forgive Min-ki?

Ji-eum visits Min-ki at the university where he teaches. She expresses anger over what happened 1000 years ago. Min-ki apologizes sincerely, and she forgives him. She tells him she wants to be happy in her current life.

What happens after Ji-eum remembers her first life?

Min-ki keeps his promise to Ji-eum and explains to her the steps to take to be normal. Now that she has remembered everything in her first life, she can proceed to the next step. However, there is a catch.

To be normal and save Ae-gyeong, she must be ready to forget all her memories. This includes her memories of Ae-gyeong, Seo-ha and Cho-won. Min-ki has already helped Han-na turn normal, and she seems happy in her new life.

What does Ji-eum decide?

The price of being normal seems too high for Ji-eum. She agonizes over it for a few days and Seo-ha notices something is taking a toll on her. He visits Min-ki, who tells him exactly what he told Ji-eum. Seo-ha talks to Ji-eum and assures her that it is okay for her to choose to be normal. He promises he will come to her and pursue her again.

He jokes it will only take a day for her to fall for his charms. They exchange rings, and Ji-eum is relieved. In the end, she decides to be normal. 

How does Ji-eum turn normal?

Once Ji-eum decides to be normal, she wonders how to say goodbye to her loved ones. In her own way, she subtly says goodbye to the people she loves, including Yu-seon(Ju-won’s mom). She goes to Min-ki, and he sends her back to the bridge with the shaman bells. Ji-eum must have a carefree heart that’s ready to forgive for the reincarnation curse to end. 

She must also say four words, “It’s all good now”. During the process, she meets Su, who asks if she has healed and is ready to forgive. Ji-eum answers that she is in a better place. She then starts losing all the memories of her past lives and the people she reconnected with in her 19th life. 

Does Seo-ha forgive his uncle?

Seo-ha visits his uncle, Sang-hyuk, in prison and admits he is no longer miserable and has hopes to be happy. Sang-Hyuk is relieved to hear that and thanks him. He apologizes and agrees to see Do-hyun. Sang-Hyuk, in turn, apologizes to Do-hyun, and it seems they are all starting their healing journey. 

What happens to Ae-gyeong?

Ae-gyeong notices something is weighing on Ji-eum’s mind. Before her surgery, she asks Ji-eum to choose herself, and it feels like she is giving Ji-eum her blessings to be happy. After the surgery, Ae-gyeong regains her health and returns to running her beloved restaurant.

What about after Ji-eum loses her memories?

Ji-eum goes back to her first job and she loses contact with Seo-ha, Cho-won and Ae-gyeong. However, they don’t give up on her and try to find ways to infiltrate her new life. Seo-ha even tries to recruit her back to the hotel marketing team.

How does See You in My 19th Life end? 

The show ends with Ji-eum meeting with Seo-ha at the MI Hotel. He asks her to consider working with him, but Ji-eum is hesitant. Seo-ha takes a page out of Ji-eum’s book and forthright asks her to date him. He admits he will no longer wait to pursue her and decides to ask her out three different times.

He shows her his ring and compares it to hers, declaring that they are dating. Ji-eum is surprised and wonders if they have met before. Seo-ha doesn’t answer but makes his first confession. Ji-eum shyly smiles, and the episode ends with them looking into each other’s eyes. 

The Episode Review

The show wrapped up well, but one storyline was left hanging. We never learn Min-ki’s fate. Did he manage to be normal as well? Why and how is he the only one who knows the key to being normal? Honestly, there are so many questions surrounding Min-ki.

Meanwhile, even though Do-hyun’s and Cho-won’s ending felt rushed, we are glad it was a happy ending. Our only issue is we never got to see what kind of couple they are. It feels like we were robbed of their beautiful moments.

Lastly, given the ambiguous ending, we will assume that Ji-eum accepted Seo-ha’s feelings in the end, and they lived happily ever after. It may not have taken only one day, as Seo-ha joked, but we hope she fell hard for his charms and could not resist his love.

We will also assume that Ji-eum, ​​Ae-gyeong and Cho-won became friends and continued to be in each other’s life but I guess we’ll have to hope for a second season to answer those questions!

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5 thoughts on “See You In My 19th Life – Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I think the reason why we find her back at her first job was because supposedly, the other part never happened, I.e., she never met her loved ones from her past lives. It didn’t exist for her but it existed for her loved ones. I suspect that was the whole point to gifting her the couple rings and the necklace and earrings. So they could either locate her or recognize her. But her loved ones all knew and remembered each other and helped her to find them.

  2. I did not like the ending. It’s such a weird way to end it. Where did she go after giving up her memories? She’s only lived one place since she was little. She had no other friends or family. Who approved her going back to the MI Mobity? Where does she live now? What replaced her memories from the last 14 years as she was always with people who she knew in her past life? Like what?!?! Are there no pictures of her? What about other people who’ve met her before during her 19th life, will they be just as confused as I am?

  3. I agree with you, Linda. There are so many questions left unanswered. The more I think about it, the more my brain hurts. This is why we could use a second season.

  4. I loved everything about the show except the very end! Why would she go back to her first job? Where did she live? She was living with Ae-kyung since she was 9, what would her memory consist of those years? So many questions. What kind of tumor was removed from Ae-Kyung anyway? Wouldn’t Min-gi also go back to “normal” since Ji-eum ended the curse?

  5. I was captivated from the first episode. I’m always intrig it ed with past-life tales.
    Wondered whether Ji-eum would lose her accumulated “academic smarts” as sh lost memory of her past lives, but she didn’t. Mmmm

    Min-ki was further along with his lives’ progressions, but no closer to being normal. I can see a series with Min-ki as the star — what was his first life that lead him to this path. I’d watch that one!

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