See You in My 19th Life – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Ones Who Share Each Other’s Joy & Sorrows

See You in My 19th Life episode 7 starts with a flashback to Ji-Eum’s 12th life as she narrates how she wonders if her reincarnation is a curse or blessing. However, she notes that in her many lives, she lived as someone who tried to help others.

The scene then cuts to her hugging Seo-ha outside his house as she remembers she overheard Bang Ho-Sik talk about the accident. While hugging and comforting Seo-ha, she assures him that their story will end well.

Meanwhile, Mun Jeong-Hun calls Im Chang-Su and orders him to take care of Ho-Sik. Chang-Su visits Ho-Sik and gives him an ultimatum to leave the country quickly after scrubbing his identity. One can’t help but wonder if Seo-ha’s dad was the one who ordered the accident and why.

Another mystery develops though when we see Min-Ki head to an office. Turns out his real occupation is being a Professor in the Department of Archaeology at one of the universities. We still are not sure whether he is a friend or a foe. He is keeping his cards too close for us to decipher his intentions.

Elsewhere, our anti-love crusader, Do-Hyun, wakes up with a banging headache as he nurses a hangover. He went out drinking last night and nearly kissed Cho-Won. Cho-Won calls him in the morning to check up on him and see if he remembers what happened.

As expected, Do-Hyun claims to have no memory and apologizes before curtly hanging up. Even though he has feelings for Cho-Won, he refuses to take the next step and date her. We know why, but one can’t help but feel sad for both of them.

That same morning, Ho-Sik starts packing up his office but he tells Yang-Sik that he has a plan. Years ago, he had the foresight of keeping some evidence when he hired the driver for the hit-and-run accident. Ho-Sik now plans to trade that information with Seo-Ha.

Later that evening, Seo-Ha visits the family house for dinner but it gets uncomfortable for him. His fellow family members keep mocking him because of his hearing problem and as much as he tries to ignore them, they keep on trying to stir him up.

Fed up, he takes his leave against his dad’s orders. On the way out, he gets a call from Ho-Sik informing him that it was someone close to him who ordered the hit. Ho-Sik mentions that the mastermind works in the MI Group. Ho-Sik wants money before revealing the identity of the one calling the shots.

This news hits Seo-Ha hard and he decided to take a dive in the pool as he tries to come to terms with how betrayed he feels.

In the meantime, Cho-Won decides to visit Ji-Eum and she gets to meet Ae-Gyeong. Ji-Eum explains that Ae-Gyeong was her niece in her previous life. The three of them sit and have a meal with a few drinks. They even ask Min-Ki to take a commemorative picture for them. Later on, Cho-Won gets too drunk and calls Do-Hyun to come pick her up. I love that Ji-Eum is secretly playing Cupid with these two but will it work?

Before leaving, Do-Hyun gets a call from Seo-Ha asking him to come pick him up. Ji-Eum offers to go so that Do-Hyun can escort Cho-Won home. She meets Seo-Ha on the road and comforts him. Seo-Ha feels better after seeing her and being comforted by her words.

He is so moved, he kisses her and pulls away suddenly. Luckily, Ji-Eum is skilled in taking matters into her own hands; she pulls him closer and deepens the kiss.

After the beautiful kiss, Ji-Eum takes him home and prepares a meal. It is the same meal she once cooked for him as Ju-Won. Seo-Ha thinks the meal is familiar but doesn’t remember why.

As the night draws on, Ji-Eum confesses again but this time, Seo-Ha doesn’t exactly turn her down. He confesses that he likes her but asks that she wait for him to sort something out. He promises to be the one to make the third confession.

Ji-Eum is happy that they finally got here and asks for a kiss. Of course, Seo-Ha was about to oblige her wishes when he gets a call from Dong-U. Ji-Eum wonders why her brother is calling her man and quickly heads over to Dong-U’s place. Her brother is calling to ask for his payment after snitching on Ho-Sik.

Ji-Eum warns him to stay away from her life. According to her, this family is her most ill-fated relationship in all her lives.

Back to our second lead, Cho-Won cutely confronts Do-Hyun for lying about not remembering their almost kiss. She also nearly kisses him before reminding herself that she can’t date him because he won’t date her. Damn! These two are so complicated. Cho-Won chooses to head home alone and sprains her ankle. Do-Hyun suggests she puts ice on the ankle and visits a doctor.

The following morning, Seo-Ha tells Do-hyun that he has just found out that the accident was an attempt on his life. Seo-Ha is ready to pursue the truth and Do-Hyun asks him not to stop until he gets answers.

Once again, Seo-Ha apologizes to Do-Hyun for his father’s death. Do-hyun seems angry but he can’t blame Seo-Ha for what happened. Seo-Ha feels guilty but he was only 8, this is on the adults who surrounded him at the time.

On the other hand, Ae-Gyeong is getting worse but refuses to tell Ji-Eum the truth. She uses Min-Ki to cover up for her but he is also worried about her. One morning, Ji-Eum decides to ask Min-Ki the truth about who he is and the shaman bell in his room.

Min-Ki confesses that he also remembers his past lives. He is currently on his 23rd life and Ji-Eum is happy to have found someone who can relate to her. Min-Ki explains that the shaman bells are useful for narrowing down vague memories about their past lives.

He allows Ji-Eum to use it and see what happened in her first life. He believes that once she remembers her first life, she can know why she has memories of her past lives.

The minute Ji-Eum holds the shaman bells, she starts seeing her first life. It seems like there was a man carrying the shaman bells and he stabbed her. We then see the man walking away carrying a bloodied sword in his left hand.

Concurrently, Mun Jeong-Hun calls Do-Hyun to his home and demands an update on what Seo-Ha has been up to. At first, Do-Hyun refuses to report the accident and says there is nothing worthy of reporting. Mun Jeong-Hun reminds him that he is simply a minion and his job is to watch and report what Seo-Ha does.

Mun Jeong-Hun says that the accident is trivial and wants Do-Hyun to dissuade Seo-Ha from looking further into it. Do-Hyun argues that the accident was not trivial; his father died that day.

On the other side of town, Miss Jang calls Sang-Hyuk to ask for a report on Chang-Su. Sang-Hyuk is yet to look into it and Miss Jang is getting impatient.

Sang-Hyuk decides to visit Seo-Ha and takes the opportunity to go through his phone. He seems shaken after seeing that Seo-Ha is in touch with someone from Wonjo Capital. Did he try to kill his nephew and why?

Ji-Eum drives Cho-Won to work. On the way, Cho-Won accidentally spills coffee on herself and they change plans and go shopping. They bond and Cho-Won confides in Ji-Eum that she is having a hard time because of Do-Hyun.

Once they get to the office, Cho-Won asks to speak privately to Do-Hyun. She directly asks him if he likes her and he admits he does. However, he insists that he won’t date her and leaves. Cho-won is shocked and hurt by his answer but there is nothing she can do.

Later, Do-Hyun notices that Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha are acting too friendly in the office. He calls her aside and warns her to keep things professional. Ji-Eum argues that she has done nothing wrong. Do-Hyun then threatens to spill her secret but Ji-Eum thinks he is bluffing since he doesn’t believe her.

He asks her about the gift box Ju-Won gave to Seo-Ha and she describes it in detail. This makes him reconsider whether she is telling the truth. He asks her to tell Seo-Ha her real identity before it’s too late. Ji-Eum agrees to do that when the time is right. Later, Do-Hyun subtly warns Seo-Ha to be careful with Ji-Eum.

While at the hotel, Ji-Eum runs into Han-Na and it is revealed she is the reincarnation of Seo-Ha’s mom. Ji-Eum is happy to see her and they embrace.

As the day drags on, Seo-Ha gets a text from Ho-Sik asking to meet. Seo-Ha drives to Ho-Sik’s office but finds no one. He is startled to see that Ji-Eum followed him and he asks her to be more careful as he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He will go mad if he lost her and Ji-Eum is flustered by his sweet, corny words.

Ji-geum asks why he is looking for Ho-Sik and he confesses that he wants to know why Ju-Won died. He also wants justice for the victims.

Ho-Sik calls again and gives him a new location for the meeting; he insists that Seo-Ha comes alone. Ji-Eum offers to drive him but stay out of the way. Unbeknownst to them, some men are following them. Once they get there, Seo-Ha makes Ji-Eum promise to stay behind while he goes ahead to meet with Ho-Sik.

As Seo-ha walks away,  the scene cuts to Min-ki holding one of the bells that came off the shaman’s shackle. He is giving suspicious vibes.

Back to Seo-Ha and Ji-Eum, they still don’t know they are being followed. As Seo-Ha walks away, Ji-Eum starts having flashbacks of her first life.

In a shocking turn of events, it seems like the man who was holding the shaman bells and a sword is none other than Seo-Ha. He was part of her first life but did he kill her? Ji-Eum starts walking towards him as if she is in a trance.

The Episode Review

After that finale, we have so many questions. How is Seo-Ha related to Ji-Eum’s first life and did he kill her? How will this affect their lives now and what role does Min-Ki have in all this?

We are also curious about Han-na – is she back to protect Seo-Ha and does she know who is after her son?  Why is she close with Min-Ki and what are they planning to do?

As much as I am happy about the progress in Seo-Ha’s and Ji-Eum’s relationship, I feel frustrated with the second lead couple. Do-Hyun is hurting Cho-Won so much that it feels like she will be better off without him.  I hope she can move on if Do-Hyun refuses to come to his senses soon.

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