See You in My 19th Life – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Spot In One’s Heart From Longing

See You in My 19th Life episode 6 starts with Ji-Eum coming clean to Cho-won and admitting she was Ju-won in her past life. She tells Cho-won some of the memories and things only Ju-won would know about her. She also tells Cho-won that she has been watching and missing the family from a distance.

Cho-won is dubious but is not closed off to the idea that her beloved elder sister got reincarnated. She heads home and asks her mom about the memories Ji-Eum told her about and is shocked to have them confirmed. Her mom is taken aback by her mention of Ju-won and is not forthcoming about what kind of person she was.

Cho-won was young when Ju-won passed so she barely has memories of her sister. However, after her mom confirms Ji-Eum’s memories as Ju-won, Cho-won starts to feel conflicted about what to do or believe. She later has a talk with Seo-ha who mentions that Ju-won always talked about past lives and reincarnation. This solidifies her belief that Ji-Eum is Ju-won.

Cho-won is not the only one worried; Ae-Gyeong is also about Ji-Eum revealing her secret. Ji-Eum has always told her that it didn’t turn out well in the past. Min-ki overhears their conversation and tells Han-na about it. It seems they are both worried about the consequences of Ji-Eum’s actions. Min-ki is convinced that Ae-Gyeong’s illness is because she knows the truth about Ji-Eum.

As they talk, we learn that Han-na is also worried about Seo-ha and is the one who keeps replacing the flowers in the hotel. Is she Seo-ha’s mom?

The next day, Ji-Eum takes a day off to handle the loan shark situation. She gets the address from her brother and uses an expensive Goryeo vase to pay off her brother’s debt.  The loan shark boss, Bang Ho Sik seems interested in Seo-ha because he is associated with the MI Group. It turns out he was the one who was paid to cause the fatal accident that led to Ju-won and Do-yun’s father’s death. Dong-U overhears him brag to Yang-Sik and begins to plot how to use the information to his advantage.

After dealing with the loan sharks, Ji-Geum heads home and is surprised when Seo-ha visits. The latter was worried about Ji-Eum taking a day off and thought she might be in trouble. Thanks to his visit, he meets Ae-Gyeong, who welcomes him warmly with a meal.

Meanwhile, Cho-won’s mom has a change of heart and calls the latter to tell her about Ju-won. Yu-Seon tells Cho-won that Ju-won was always talking about reincarnation and promised to come back in her next life. Like any mom, Yu-Seon hoped that Ju-won would return to her after she died but she never did. This is the last straw and Cho-won goes to meet with Ji-Eum.

Cho-won agrees to give her a chance and believes her. She runs into Ji-Eum’s arms and they tearfully embrace each other. They have missed each other terribly and Ji-Eum is glad to have her younger sister back in her life. Cho-won is curious about how much Ji-Eum remembers so she listens as Ji-Eum explains. Min-ki overhears the conversion and calls Han-na, who worries that Ji-Eum may be unaware of the consequences. On the other hand, Ji-Eum asks Cho-won to keep the secret between them. She doesn’t want things to get complicated, especially with Seo-ha.

Elsewhere, Min-ki and Ae-Gyeong continue to keep Ae-Gyeong’s sickness from Ji-Eum. Ji-eum worries that Min-ki is getting too close to Ae-Gyeong so she checks his room. She finds a shaman’s rattle in his briefcase. The moment she touches it, she starts having a flashback of her recurring nightmare and wonders why it happened when she held the rattle. Min-ki spots her but doesn’t confront her for invading his privacy. He remains watching from a distance, conflicted about his next step.

After pondering over it for a while, Dong U settles for stalking Seo-ha and sending him a message when he’s on an evening run. Seo-ha spots him and Dong-U spills the beans about Bang Ho Sik’s involvement in his accident. Seo-ha is shocked to learn that someone attempted to murder him and starts remembering more about the accident. He is tormented by Ju-won’s memories even in his sleep.

As Ji-Eum and Cho-won get close, Cho-won forgets that she should be careful about how they address each other in public. Ji-Eum calls her aside to remind her and Do-yun overhears their conversation. He, however, doesn’t believe that Ji-Eum is Ju-won. He thinks Cho-won is naive and says as much to her. He promises to keep their secret and as Cho-won tries to convey her trust in him, she slips and confesses she likes him. As expected, Do-yun ignores her confession and carries on with his day.

He meets with Seo-ha who asks him to free his schedule. Seo-ha leaves to meet with Bang Ho Sik. Ji-Eum sees him leaving and follows him. She ends up overhearing Bang Ho Sik speak to someone on the phone about Seo-ha’s visit. She realizes that she was indeed murdered in her past life. She confronts Bang Ho Sik, who refuses to tell her the mastermind behind the accident out of fear for his life. There is nothing much she can do so she leaves to find Seo-ha and comfort him.

As Seo-ha takes a taxi home, he gets a text from Lee Ji-Seok asking if he knew that Do-yun’s dad was his driver who passed away in the accident. He takes a detour and heads to Do-yun’s house. In the meantime, Ji-Eum decides to wait for him outside his house and calls Do-yun, asking if he knows Seo-ha’s whereabouts. Do-yun refuses to tell her the truth, even though he knows that Seo-ha is probably waiting for him at his house.

After Ji-Eum’s call, Do-yun opts to go home. Cho-won sees him and teases him asking if he was waiting for her. Do-yun is once again cold to her and even turns down her offer to have dinner together. Cho-won is disappointed but doesn’t push him. On his way out, Do-yun runs into Lee Ji-Seok who belittles him for being Seo-ha’s secretary. Cho-won comes to his defense and drags him away from Lee Ji-Seok and his minions.

This, however, doesn’t pacify Do-yun who asks her to let him go. He makes it clear he is not trying to add more ridicule to his life by simply being at someone’s side. He is worried that people might start gossiping about him dating a rich heiress when he comes. Cho-won is hurt by his words but doesn’t know what to do other than watch him walk away.

Back at the Mun family residence, Mun Jeong-Hun meets with Ms Jang and her troublesome son, Chan Hyeok. Ms Jang is on a campaign to restore her son’s image and reputation.  Mun Jeong-Hun promises to reconsider Chan Hyeok’s future in the company. As she leaves feeling hopeful, Ms Jang notices an old acquaintance also visiting Mun Jeong-Hun. She calls Lee Sang-Hyuk and asks him to look into it for her.

Do-yun gets home and is not surprised to see Seo-ha waiting for him. They go outside to talk and get into a fight after Seo-ha asks him why he kept the cause of his dad’s death a secret. They exchange a few words and punches but soon collect themselves and apologize to each other. Seo-ha admits he was angry that he didn’t know and Do-yun admits he was angry that Seo-ha brought it up. He doesn’t harbour a grudge against Seo-ha.

Seo-ha leaves and walks home. He is surprised to find Ji-Eum waiting for him. She asks if she can keep him company and he asks her to hug him. Ji-Eum hugs him and comforts him by telling him that their story won’t end badly.

You see, in all her lives, Ji-Eum’s only wish was to find love and have a happy ending. She had thought she found that in Seo-ha but her life was cut short. This time she believes her 19th life will be different and she will get a happy ending. She starts to remember her promise to Seo-ha when she was still Ju-won.

The Episode Review

This show is a rollercoaster of emotions. One can’t help but feel every character’s pain and struggle. The actors do a great job of conveying these feelings and bringing the audience along for this moving journey. I know there were concerns that Ahn Bo-Hyun was too macho for the role of Seo-ha but he has proved without a doubt that he was the right man for the role. He is indeed an amazing, well-rounded actor.

Back to the storyline, we can’t help but wonder how Min-ki is related to Ji-Eum. There is also the question of why have we not seen anything about Ji-Eum’s first life. Why does she keep having a recurring nightmare and how is it tied to her fate?

In this episode, we are still struggling to see the relationship develop between Do-yun and Cho-won. Do-yun is too cold and we get to understand why in this episode. However, his take on the issue is flawed. Isn’t better to have a person who truly loves you by your side even if naysayers will talk? Is he going to live his life and miss out on a great love because people will talk?

That seems like too big a burden to shoulder on his own and he already has enough worries on his shoulder. Honestly, the way he is dodging Cho-won’s advances, you would think he is deadly allergic to love. What are your thoughts, we only have 6 episodes left. Do you think they will manage to get close?

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