See You in My 19th Life – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

His Pain is My Pain

See You in My 19th Life episode 2 starts with Ji-Eum driving a race car remembering her 18th life with Seo-ha. Seo-ha was a good friend to her and had even promised to marry her. Unfortunately, the accident happened and they were separated.

The scene cuts back to the interview with a stunned Seo-ha questioning if Ji-Eum is serious and aware of the nature of the meeting. Seo-ha finds it outrageous that she asked him out on a date during an interview, adding to the fact that they are strangers. Ji-Eum informs him that they are not strangers, but Seo-ha doubts that he has ever met her.

Once again Ji-Eum mentions that they can date if he is still unsure about giving her the job. This time Seo-ha is more direct and reminds her that they are in a professional setting. After some time passes, Seo-ha asks Ha Do-Yun if he has ever met Ji-Eum but Do-yun is sure they haven’t.

Meanwhile, Ji-Eum spills the beans about the interview to Ae-Gyeong who laughs, but still cheers for her. She even asks Ji-Eum to consider telling Seo-ha the truth, but Ji-Eum is uncertain if that is a risk she is willing to take.

Seo-ha keeps ignoring calls from Yoon Cho-Won and asks Do-yun to take care of it for him. It seems that Cho-Won has feelings for Seo-ha but he is not interested in her. Cho-won is excited to hear that Seo-ha is back in the country to work in the hotel. Cho-won is aware that Lee Ji-Seok has feelings for her but she is not ready to give up on Seo-ha just yet.

The next day, Seo-ha walks to the hotel and is overwhelmed by the many noises. He starts having a panic attack, but luckily Ji-Eum spots him. She asks him to run, pretending she is in danger, and this helps to distract him and get the guy to calm down. Seo-ha is surprised when she tells him that she was just pranking him.

They get some water and sit down for a while under the shade of a tree. Ji-Eum checks in on Seo-ha and offers her advice on how she deals with her panic attacks. Seo-ha starts thinking she is a pathological liar because she keeps saying how she experienced things that happened long before she was born.

To distract him again, Ji-Eum suddenly proposes to him and says it is a hint about how they met. As they walk back, Ji-Eum spots some traditional combs and gently combs Seo-ha’s hair as she suggests how they can use the combs at the hotel.

Night rolls by and Ji-Eum watches the stars as she remembers the time Seo-ha proposed to her in her 18th life. She feels happy and excited to have him back in her life.

The next morning, she drives to the hotel and runs into Lee Ji-Seok, who is pissed that she turned down his offer to work at Daehwan. He roughly confronts her about it but Ji-Eum starts dancing the flamenco and takes him by surprise. Seo-ha arrives in time to see this interaction and steps in. Lee Ji-Seok accuses him of stealing someone he was scouting and starts to demean the hotel. This doesn’t sit well with Ji-Eum who whispers a warning and leaves.

They get to Seo-ha’s office and Ji-Eum insists that she is there to convince him to hire her at whatever cost. As they talk, Cho-won arrives and Ji-Eum has mixed emotions to see her all grown up. Do-yun takes her aside and Seo-ha continues his meeting with Ji-Eum. She wants him to look at some documents regarding the hotel to show her worth and the value she can add once she is employed.

Seo-ha is shocked that she is willing to go to such lengths and promises to look over the documents. Ji-Eum leaves to get a drink and remembers she forgot to give Seo-ha another document. She spots him and runs over to hand the second document, which turns out to be a drawing of the hotel during its peak time. This stirs up the memories Seo-ha has of his mom when he was young and how she used to manage the hotel. In the end, Seo-ha agrees to hire her and she promises to be by his side.

After securing the job, Ji-Eum visits Cho-won’s floral shop and watches her from a distance. She starts to wonder what relationship she has with Seo-ha.

The following morning, Seo-ha and Ji-Eum arrive at the same time and witness a ruckus caused by Chan Hyeok. He is the son of Jang Yeon-Ok, the woman Seo-ha’s dad is seeing. Sadly, we learn that he was cheating on his wife with Mrs Jang even before she died. Seo-ha bans Chan Hyeok from entering the premises again and personally informs Mrs Jang about his decision. Mrs Jang acts like she is unperturbed by the decision but she is seething with anger deep within.

Later on, Seo-ha overhears some of the staff speaking and it is clear they have no faith in him. Nonetheless, he carries on with work, assigning everyone but Ji-Eum a role. Given her many talents, he’s not sure where to place her so he orders her to help out as she wishes.

After the meeting, Cho-won stops by to give her portfolio. She heard that the hotel is looking to hire a landscaping company and is sure Seo-ha won’t pick her. She asks Ji-Eum to allow her to apply anonymously and is happy when Ji-Eum agrees to help.

In the meantime, she runs into Do-yun who is wary and accuses her of having ulterior motives. She admits that she does, but none of them includes hurting Seo-ha. Seo-ha sees them talking and asks Do-yun what they’re talking about. Do-yun tells him that Ji-Eum admitted to having ulterior motives.

After work, Seo-ha goes swimming and remembers where he met Ji-Eum. He remembers her as the young girl who used to follow him and once saved him when he got into trouble with some construction workers. He calls Ji-Eum and asks her to meet him because he remembered her.  Ji-Eum quickly heads over to meet with Seo-ha and her friend tagging along.

Once she gets there, Seo-ha shows her an old handkerchief to prove that he remembers her. At that time, a young Ji-Eum excitedly asked him to marry her once she grows up well. He found her endearing, especially when she helped him take care of his wound and used her handkerchief. Now that Seo-ha has remembered her, Ji-Eum explains that he was her first love and continues to shoot her shot but he turns her down.

Meanwhile, Mrs Jang and Seo-ha’s dad, Jung-Hoon, feel uncomfortable seeing Seo-ha around. Jung-Hoon assures Mrs Jang that Seo-ha will be gone soon and they should let him be for a while. They call for a meeting with Do-yun to ask about Seo-ha’s plans with the business.

It seems Mrs Jang is not happy with Seo-ha becoming a director. She feels Seo-ha is entitled, while Jung-Hoon asks Do-yun to keep Seo-ha in line. Do-yun refuses but Jung-Hoon insists that he will have Seo-ha transferred in two years. He tries to bribe Do-yun but he refuses to play along with the charade.

The following morning, Ji-Eum tells Ae-Gyeong about Seo-ha, remembering her and her hopes to start dating him. She receives a call from Seo-ha, who asks for her help. Ji-Eum quickly drives out to meet him and agrees to drive wherever he is going.

On the way, Seo-ha gets a call from Cho-won which he ignores. Ji-Eum suggests that he open up to a stranger and offer to be his secret journal. They arrive at the destination, and Ji-Eum is surprised to see that he is visiting Ju-won’s grave. She starts narrating how she normally only feels her own pain in each of her lives but not in her 19th. This time, she feels Seo-ha’s pain and desperately wants to comfort him.

The Episode Review

We are getting to learn more about the characters and there is so much mystery around Cho-won and Seo-ha’s relationship. I can’t wait to learn what happened between the two of them.

I am also curious about Mrs Jang, she is not going to idly sit by when Seo-ha takes over the hotel. In her mind, she is entitled to the hotel as she is one of the major shareholders. It is clear that Seo-ha’s dad is not on his side so we will have to see if he changes his mind.

I am also looking to see how the relationship between our two leads will progress. After all, this is just the start and there’s plenty more drama to follow!

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Expect a full-season review when this season concludes!

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