See You In Another Life – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

The final episode kicks off with Gabriel gearing up for a crucial testimony that could shape not just his own future but also that of his former associates.

How are Emilio & Gabriel caught? 

In the aftermath of the attack, the police are under immense pressure to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators. Ministers were closely monitoring the situation, asking them to close the case quickly. Emilio, feeling the heat, decides to come forward and give his statement to the police. It’s during this time that Rafa, too, decides to confess and share his story with the authorities in a bid to save his neck. 

Emilio, as before, is clear that he wants something in return for valuable information. He is looking for protection for himself and his wife, as well as tickets to Madrid-Zaragoza. Emilio then spins a tale, claiming that the Moors approached him to buy dynamite, but he refused.

However, he did suggest they could get dynamite for the mine. Despite his best efforts to shift blame to the Moors, the police don’t buy Emilio’s story and put the cuffs on him. Rafa faces a similar fate when discrepancies are found in his statement.

After Emilio’s arrest, everyone cuts ties with Gabriel. Even his friends Dani and Koala refuse to acknowledge him. In the days that follow, the police surround their neighborhood and arrest Tenete, Emilio’s wife, Carmen, and even Koala, who is innocent. Soon after, the police come for Emilio, and he is arrested as well.

What happens to Emilio & Gabriel?

Before the judge, Gabriel vows to tell the truth and not commit perjury. He recounts how he met Emilio and how Emilio used him to sell his drugs. Gabriel also confesses that it was Emilio who provided the Moors with dynamite for the train bombing.

Gabriel also says to the judge that Tenete and Koala were not aware of these activities.  On the stand, Emilio denies supplying the Moors with dynamite and also fabricates a story about not threatening to murder Gabriel’s father in prison.

He insists that Gabriel is lying about receiving drugs and money from him. The judges ultimately deliver their verdict, sentencing Emilio to 35,000 years in prison. As for Gabriel, he is sentenced to spend six years in the juvenile detention center. 

The Episode Review

As we’ve discussed in previous recaps, “See You In Another Life” is based on the real-life character Gabriel, also known as Baby. He was convicted for helping Emilio transport the dynamite used in the attacks. Because Gabriel was an accomplice and a juvenile at the time, he was given a six-year prison sentence.

Others directly involved, like Raffa and Emilio, received much longer sentences. Now, Gabriel lives in Aviles and is married, but nobody calls him “Baby” anymore. March 11 was a dark day in Spanish history, affecting thousands. Around 192 people were killed, and more than 2,000 were injured.

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