See You In Another Life – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 kicks off with Gabriel asking his mom for his dad’s boots. Mom is sceptical that they’ll fit, but Gabriel insists they do. Soon enough, Emilio shows up at Gabriel’s place with Al Chino and the gang, and they take Gabriel for a spin at the old closed-down mine.

Once they arrive, Emilio and Chino hop out of the car to climb the hills, leaving Gabriel behind. It seems like Emilio is here at the closed-down mine to show off the explosive power of the dynamite he’s supplying them with.

After their visit to the mine, Chino and his crew head to a supermarket and load up on dozens of duffle bags, paying with cash to avoid leaving a paper trail for the cops to follow if things go south.

When Gabriel asks Emilio about the Moors and their plans with the dynamite he’s selling them, Emilio dodges the question. He tells Gabriel to just keep quiet and observe, not to ask too many questions. To calm Gabriel’s nerves, Emilio spins a tale about the Moors needing the dynamite to pull off a heist at a jewel store or a bank.

Later that night, Gabriel is asked to drive Al Chino to the spot again. Unfortunately, Al Chino and the others get lost in the woods because the markings they placed to find their way back were washed away in a heavy downpour.

Al Chino calls Emilio for help, and with his guidance, they manage to find their way back to the car. The same night, Ramon, the police officer, pays a visit to Emilio, asking why he’s really involved in this scheme. Emilio stays tight-lipped and doesn’t reveal anything.

The Episode Review

Ramon is suspicious of Emilio and knows he’s up to something shady again, but what exactly? Just to give you some context, Ramon is the same cop Emilio snitched on his brother, too. As a result, Ramon’s face ended up in the paper as a celebrity cop, and Emilio got to take over his brother-in-law’s organization.

Now, Ramon knows Emilio is selling something illegal to the Moors, but Emilio won’t spill the beans and is keeping quiet because he sees a chance to make a huge profit. On the other hand, Gabriel is also onto the Moors and knows they’re planning something illegal, but he’s keeping mum to impress his idol, Emilio.

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