Seeking Thrills – Georgia | Album Review

Track Listing

Started Out
About Work The Dancefloor
Never Let You Go
24 Hours
Till I Own It
I Can’t Wait
Feel It
Ultimate Sailor
Ray Guns
The Thrill
Honey Dripping Sky
Never Let You Go (Alternate Version)


Despite a few minor grievances, Georgia’s first album was a really impressive showcase of talent. The scatter-brained tonal shifts between darker, grimy tracks and more synth-driven exploits were really well balanced and shone a spotlight on an emerging artist that, since 2015, has matured into a much more self-assured and driven artist. With a consistent theme tying everything together and a nice balance of electro-pop, Indie and Synth-pop, Georgia’s second album Seeking Thrills is a melodic, heady trip well worth experiencing.

With this consistent theme of the dancefloor and love tying everything together, the album eases into proceedings with “Started Out”. It’s a slower, more deliberately-paced warm-up and immediately warms you to the synth-driven keyboard strings and confident lyrics. While “About Work The Dancefloor” will ultimately get the plaudits for its self-reflective and catchy lyrics, personally I feel it’s over-shadowed by “Never Let You Go”, which nails both a driven bassline and surprisingly catchy lyrics that’ll almost certainly have you nodding your head.

From here, “Mellow” unironically turns the heat up and from here on out, the rest of the album feels like prime-time Indie Pop. Toward the latter half of the album this does peel away to reveal a layer of synths that act as the perfect backdrop for the lyrical prowess of Georgia. All of this comes to a head with “Ray Guns” and “The Thrill”,two tracks that see the album nail a perfect combination of reverb and echo effects with the interesting instruments that shift proceedings into Synth Pop territory.

The final few tracks of the album ease through to the end-of-the-night wind-down you’d expect in a club, with a few edits and alternative versions of songs, including the aforementioned “Never Let You Go” which closes the album out. Georgia’s second album is a decent follow-up and perfectly showcases an artist reveling in her new-found confident sound. Club nights either end in misery or elation and thankfully Seeking Thrills is the latter. It’s a wonderful album that combines a few different influences and blends that with the familiar Georgia sound felt in her previous album making it well worth a listen.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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