‘See For Me’ Ending Explained: Does Sophie survive her ordeal?

See For Me Plot Synopsis

See For Me tells the story of Sophie, a former Olympic skier, whose career was cut short after losing her vision. Now legally blind, she makes a living house-sitting for other clients, but during a stay at a secluded mansion, her life is put in danger when three thieves break into the home. Does she survive her ordeal? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Sophie alone in the mansion?

Yes, but thankfully, she has an app on her phone called ‘See For Me.’ This gives her access to sighted people on the outside world who are there to help Sophie whenever she needs assistance.

Near the beginning of the film, Sophie locks herself out of the house and so she uses the app to call for help. After being put through to one particularly unhelpful support worker, Sophie then makes contact with Kelly, another employee for the service. Kelly is a lot more useful and manages to get Sophie back indoors before the wintry conditions outside turn her into a human popsicle.

Later, Sophie is joined by Otis, Joe, and Ernie but they aren’t there to give the poor girl some company as she spends her first night in the mansion. Instead, they are there to break into a safe and steal some money, which isn’t good news for Sophie whose blindness makes her an easy target.

Sophie manages to alert Kelly to her predicament and then calls 911. But before the police arrive, the criminals capture Sophie and consider disposing of her.

Do the criminals kill Sophie?

No, as this would have been a very short film otherwise! As she is blind, Sophie tells them she is no threat as she has no way of knowing what they look like. She also volunteers to get rid of the police when they arrive, so long as the thieves cut her into a share of the money. Surprisingly, they agree.

When a female police officer does arrive, Sophie doesn’t give the thieves’ location away and she almost manages to make her leave. But when the officer learns of a separate call that Kelly made to tell them about Sophie’s situation, she heads back into the house to investigate. Sadly, she is killed by one of the robbers but Sophie manages to grab the officer’s gun and find a hiding place before she is spotted.

Does Sophie survive her ordeal?

As Sophie was a former Olympic skier, she manages to slide down the mansion staircase on a dinner tray, do a somersault in the air, and hang from a chandelier before dropping down on the thieves from above.

Okay, so that didn’t really happen but that would have made the movie more exciting!

Instead, Sophie calls ‘See For Me’ again and is instantly put through to Kelly. She is then guided around the house by Kelly, an ex-combat veteran and expert online gamer, who uses her skills to teach Sophie how to shoot the home invaders.

When it becomes ‘game over’ for the three crooks, Rico, their boss, arrives on the scene. As Sophie’s phone has since died, she can no longer call on Kelly’s assistance. Thankfully, she has the confidence to take on Rico alone. After turning off the lights to leave the unwitting villain in the dark, she breaks a bottle over his head after having a short scuffle with him. He is either knocked unconscious or killed – we can’t be sure – but regardless, the police arrive and Sophie emerges victorious.

How does See For Me end?

The final scene shows Sophie on top of a mountain ready to begin skiing again. She has new, shiny gear, but how could she afford such nice equipment?

It’s clear that Sophie grabbed some of the money that had been hidden away in the safe, shortly after she killed one of the robbers. As such, it would appear that the thieves weren’t the only ones with their eyes on the prize!

Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t end with a police chase down the mountain with Sophie on skis and the cops on snow bikes, so it’s clear that Sophie has gotten away with the crime!


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  2. The version of the movie that I saw didn’t have the flashback at the end of the movie, where Sophie takes some of the money.

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