See – Season 3 Episode 7 “God Thunder” Recap & Review

God Thunder

Episode 7 of See Season 3 starts with war upon us. Soldiers prepare trebuchets as Kane is back at the position of Queen. At least for the Witchfinders. Anyway, she’s working with Trivantes and has decided to destroy Pennsa. Kofun shows up and tries to stop her but it’s no good, her mind has been made up. Aftrr beating him down, he’s held up to watch whats abput to transpire.

Meanwhile, Maghra approaches Tamacti Jun, who’s paying his respects to his fallen brothers from last episode. After, he heads back into the city with her, both worried about the battle about to befall them. And it starts.

Bombs are thrown into the city, courtesy of those aforementioned trebuchets. They haven’t breached the walls yet but given the hundreds of bombs Tormada has at his disposal.

One of the bombs hits the palace head-on, shattering the roof and as it topples on everyone, it seems the fight is over. Unfortunately it also falls on Maghra while she’s holding Wolffe.

Baba Voss and the others show up and begin clearing the wreckage. Tamacti Jun is still alive, as are Wolffe and Maghra, thankfully. They’re taken away to recover, and given precious time from Kane, wo decides to let her sister stew in the devastation she’s caused. In this downtime, before more bombs drop, Maghra is shocked over what’s happened, especially as the Witchfinders have teamed up with the Trivantians and that’s bad news for everyone.

In fact, the soldiers have surrounded the city to prevent anyone from leaving Tamacti Jun believes this is all part of Kane’s plan, and of course with Harlan now dead too, it’s not looking good.

Kofun is returned to the family though, which is at least something. He comes bearing a message from Queen Kane. She wants Maghra to abdicate the throne and surrender completely. She’s to walk alone and forfeit her crown and kingdom. If she refuses? Well, the bombs will continue and level the city to ash.

However, there’s a way out. Harlan has left behind a box which happens to include a map and a sound wand. This map happens to be for smuggler tunnels, leading out of the city. They don’t all have to die after all, and may well have a way out.

With Wren and Haniwa both in charge of the map, they find the hidden passageway leading out. It comes out in a small cave just outside of Pennsa. Maghra decides to start evacuation immediately, with all villagers rounded up and led out the city. Once they do, Maghra decides they should leave and start a new home for themselves out in the wilderness, away from Kane and the Trivantians.

Just to reinforce this, we see numerous flashbacks through time, as Baba Voss and Maghra grow closer together. It’s a nice way of contextualizing what’s happened, and it paves way for the present, where Baba Voss gives a rousing speech about family and not blaming each other, embracing together before heading through the tunnels to (hopefully) safety.

As they start traveling through the tunnels, they suddenly realize that Baba Voss has gone. It turns out he’s returned to kill Queen Kane. He knows he probably won’t survive this but believes it’s the only way to achieve peace. He’s not alone though, as Ranger decides to join him.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to See Season 3 sets up everything nicely for the final episode, although right now it’s anyone’s guess exactly what’s going to happen or how the story is likely to play out. There’s a lot to be wrapped up and with only one episode left, I’m concerned over how the writers are going to get this neatly wrapped by the end.

The assault on Pennsa begins and seeing these bombs in action with the Trivantians and Kane together is certainly one heck of an army and they appear to be unstoppable at this point. However, there’s still time for things to change so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week.

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  1. Thay was not Tamacti Jun that joined Baba Voss at the end of the episode, twas Ranger. Tamacti Jun was with Maghra.

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