See – Season 3 Episode 4 “The Storm” Recap & Review

The Storm

Episode 4 of See Season 3 begins with Kane out in the open once more. Despite sniffer dogs trying to find her, she stumbles through the village and eventually cakes horse poo on her to dissuade the dogs. It works too and she manages to make it through the front gates and into the woods, complete with eating bugs and leaves. Oh and she also falls asleep on the floor and cries to the heavens.

Kane eventually finds a cave, where she shelters from the storm raging outside. Unfortunately, he’s attacked by a snake which attacks her and appears to inject her with venom. As a result, Kane ends up acting crazier than usual before collapsing.

When she wakes up, the snake is there but it’s actually dead. Whether Kane killed it, it was already dead and she hallucinated the attack, or it heard her speak and died from annoyance is anyone’s guess at this point.

Either way, she laughs incredulously and rips into the snake, eating it raw before having a wash in the waterfall. Riveting stuff.

Meanwhile, Baba Voss says goodbye to his dog and encourages him to look over Wolffe. After putting the child back in his crib, Baba Voss heads out with Charlotte, Kofun, Haniwa and Wren in search of Kane. Baba Voss takes responsibility for Sibeth Kane being freed and apologizes to his son.

Baba Voss leads them down to the place Bow Lion died, showing the crater on the floor as evidence of what they’re up against with these bombs.

Baba also tries to talk some sense into Lu and Ranger, pointing out that Tormada is a cause worth fighting for, just so they can stop him and bury his evil plan once and for all. Ranger has history with this man too, given he used to torture Ranger, so there’s some definite scores to settle. As Baba Voss himself says late on, he’s the sort of man who deserves to die very slowly.

At the same time, Harlan accompanies Ambassador Trovere, until he runs into several kinsmen on the road and decides to go with them instead. He’s snuck inside the city, courtesy of some chicken cages and eventually sits in to oversee Ambassador Trovere speaking to the High Counsellor.

Harlan speaks his piece and mentions the rogue faction of their army, complete with the bombs they intend to use to overthrow her and Paya. As one may expect, she’s not convinced. She clearly senses something amiss, which is at least a start I guess!

It turns out Tormada is actually in the city and scheduled to address the Triangle the following day. The Ambassador believes they should make themselves scarce, and keep quiet about Sibeth Kane’s absence too. While in bed with Harlan, Trovere suggests he should just stay there with her, pointing out that Trivante has far more to offer him.

In the morning, Tormada gives his speech before the council, revelling in his weapons and poetically spinning this in a manner of beautiful chaos, believing they can wipe out their enemies without losing any of their own soldiers. Tormada points out the previous battle, where the entire army was destroyed in a matter of moments in exchange for only a handful of their own soldiers losing their lives.

Tormada boasts that he’s already built 200 of these bombs already and he intends to unleash them against Paya to turn the tables of the Kingdom in their favour.

Despite the council attempting to reel him in, claiming the bombs belong to the realm, Tormada sneers and claims that he’s the one with the power here. It rips the council in half, and as they all argue, Tormada sets off one of his bombs and the whole place explodes.

Harlan happens to be outside and he flies backwards, knocked out on the floor. As for the Ambassador, she too is also caught in the blast but happens to be okay, given she was next to Harlan.

It turns out, this whole coup had been planned by Tormada way back since Greenhill Gap. Nevla and Tormada approached Trovere to be part of that revolution and she agreed. Her feelings for Harlan interfered in the original plan, which was to have him killed in the blast too.

Torvere believes in the power of these bombs and urges Harlan to be with her as part of this new world order. As she says herself, there is no future for Paya as these bombs cannot be stopped. If only there was some sort of automatic weapon that could be fired from afar by sighed people. Maybe a gun? Like the guns we saw Jerlamarel with at the end of season 1? Maybe we should just stick with a bow and arrow instead!

Speaking of which, Baba Voss’ rabble of warriors arrive at Jerlamarel’s, where the kids are making bombs. They’re certainly not expecting an ambush, and the group make swift work of the guards on duty. Unfortunately, Sheva had earlier been taken away from the group and kept in isolation. As a result, Haniwa heads off alone to get her back.

With war on the horizon, Maghra decides to gather the troops together to try and fight back. Of course, after killing 3 of the witchfinders last episode, they may not be enthused to join her. And that decision is taken out of her hands when Kane shows up and calls herself their queen. Because of course she does.

The Episode Review

Man, I am so sick of seeing Sibeth Kane. Her character is one-note and completely finished, with nothing of interest to offer. And in many ways, it’s been like this since early in the second season.

Instead, we get interspersed scenes here of her off in the woods, smearing crap on her face and eating a snake. Great. I think the episode would have worked far more effectively had all of these scenes been cut out, before seeing Kane randomly show up at the end with the witchfinders. Less is sometimes more, but then as I’ve said numerous times in these recaps, the worldbuilding for See was essentially smashed to bits way back in season 1.

We now know that Tormada has been planning this coup for a while and as a result, it’s caused chaos across Trivante with a new world order in play. How will anyone be able to stop these bombs? Well, as we know there are working guns in this world so surely they could just use those?

Despite this though, everything is bubbling up nicely for a lot of drama late on in this show, even if it is held back by an abundance of Kane. Wouldn’t it be ironic if she’s the last one standing at the end? At this rate, they may even do a spin-off series featuring her. God help us all if that happens.

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