See – Season 3 Episode 3 “This Land Is Your Land” Recap & Review

This Land Is Your Land

Episode 3 of See Season 2 begins right where we left off, with the thin veil of peace  between Paya and Trivante hanging by a thread. Baba Voss is behind bars, and Haniwa shows up to visit her father. There, she learns about Bow Lion’s death.

When Maghra appears after, Haniwa regrettably takes her absence so the pair can talk. Baba Voss tries to convince his wife to see reason, pointing out that war is coming and they need to be ready to fight. As for Maghra, she reminds him that she’s trying to keep everything together and maintain peace for the sake of their people. Eventually, Baba Voss agrees to keep it together for the time being. And part of that stems from Baba Voss talking to Kofun.

Kofun is attacked in the streets for his ties to Kane and Maghra, reinforcing that all is not well in Paya. Thankfully Baba Voss shows up to save the day.

When Maghra finds out, she’s angry and takes that out on the rebels who have disobeyed her, deciding to hang them in the town square for treasure as an example for the other townsfolk. Tamacti Jun is quick to point out that this puts her on a dangerous path and she should have a level-head in all this. These men could well serve as a martyr… but Maghra refuses to listen, descending down a slippery path closer to how her sister acts.

In the wake of all this drama, Wren shows up to see Haniwa. The pair hug for a long time, before the former decides they need to talk. With Baba Voss in the room too, Wren brings up Tormada’s strategy – and his use of bombs. The only way out is to go back to the House of Enlightenment. Of course, Jerlamarel’s children are pawns in this game so Baba Voss comes up with the idea of using them as a stepping stone to find out where the bombs are.

Harlan arrives before the Ambassador and demands the truth about Tormada. She’s not swayed though and eventually tells him he can either kiss or slay her. He chooses the former. This is enough for Harlan to believe the Ambassador is in the dark about what’s happening.

She deduces that there could be a rogue faction of the government that are planning a coup. Not only would this cause war with Paya, but it could also trigger civil war within Trivante too. The only way out is for Kane to be brought over as agreed to try and broker peace. Alternatively, the rogue faction would need to be outed. Either way, this will almost certainly lead to war.

Meanwhile, Baba Voss has a heart to heart with Kofun. It’s actually a really nice moment, with Baba telling his son that he has the strongest heart of anyone he knows and has no doubt that he’ll be a great father.

That night, Kofun sneaks in to feed Kane, who’s currently being hidden. He brings her food and also reveals war is upon them. Kofun is quick to point out that he’s doing this for Wolffe’s sake, not hers. Funnily enough though, Kane is not alone and she has spies even within these walls, namely that of her servant, Harmony. Kane tasks her with finding out more about the bombs.

For now, Maghra hangs the 3 men as promised but the reactions in town are mixed, to say the least. She decides not to kill the other witchfinders as an act of mercy but it remains to be seen if this is a foolhardy move or not.

Meanwhile, Kane grabs baby Wolffe and prepares to leave. She holds her blade to the babe’s neck, just as Baba Voss shows up. Kane is leaving and challenges Baba Voss. Harmony suddenly appears though, and stabs Kofun in the back. Baba Voss stabs the maid in retaliation but unfortunately in the process, Kane slips away. If it’s any consolation though, Wolffe is safe and on the ground.

The Episode Review

Sibeth Kane is the most annoying character in this show and this episode exemplifies why. I understand she’s the main antagonist here but every character makes stupid decisions around her in a bid to keep the woman alive – and that’s been going on since last season.

War is definitely coming though and it’s clear now that everything is leading to this big fight between Trivante and Paya. Quite who will come out of this on top remains to be seen but it’s certainly not going to end without casualties.

Everything is inching toward a very dramatic second half of this story. Who will come out on top?

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